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  1. I currently own a WR 250 (2002). I am looking at a 2006 WR 450. I ride some tight trails but I love wheeling and roosting whenever presented the chance. I have never had any problems with the 250 and am hesitant to take on a bike that I dont know the history. Is there anything I should look for on the 2006 WR 450? I understand that there might be some times where the 450 might seem tough to handle on a tight trail... however I have been wanting to try the 450 for a couple of years. I am test-driving the 450 tomorrow... Thanks for your input
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    why do you say that?
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    I currently own a 2002 WR 250F. I am thinking of buying a 2006 WR 450F for $2800. Supposedly it only has 10 hours on it. I am going to test drive the machine on Wednesday. Is there anything I should look for on this particular machine. I love the performance of the WR 250 but I want more power to lift the front wheel and roost through the turns. I strictly ride trails. Any input would be awesome. Thanks for your time... Glenn
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    Never changed Oil filter element!

    Thank you, I did replace the filter with a mesh filter. I will continue changing it myself... What do you mean contact cleaner? Like what people put in there eyes, or the stuff that breaks adhesive bonds? Thanks again...
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    Never changed Oil filter element!

    Thank you, puts me to ease a little bit.
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    GLAMIS Video Share

    Whats is the name of the song you used?
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    Oh my god

    Good for you... who cares what idiots think and as long as you pass people you shouldn't care either...
  8. The other day I found out that the person I have been bringing my bike to hasn't been changing my oil filter element (because I didn't specify that!) when they changed my oil. I have been bringing the bike there since I bought it new (2002 WR 250) and it never had the filter changed. After exchanging some heated words I took the bike home and did the change myself. When I took out the oil filter I saw some metal shavings inside the filter compartment. They must have collected there since I have bought the bike. Should I be worried about those shavings, or should I just see how many accumulate when I change the oil next? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you, Roetg1
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    Which of the 450's is the best?

    I have owned Suzuki and Yamahas, though I had a smaller suzuki thumper the larger Yamaha seems to be all around more reliable. It is hard to compare different engine sizes... Go Yamaha and yiou won't be dissapointed!
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    should i get a yz250f?

    In my experience there is much less maintenance on the four strokes these days then on two strokes. 2strokes may be easier to actually work on, but I found my self working on them a lot more. If you are not racing you won't be putting the bike through hell so you virtually won't have maintenance on the four stroke (except oil changes). Try the video in one of the previous posts, that will coast you right through the process.
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    The music is definatley a good touch, as for the riding, whats is the address for the track. Looks fun
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    Ignorance is bliss

    That WR 250 I am on is stock except for the free mods and I can do that in 2nd gear too, I have never tried others. Sometimes when I am checking out a trail for the first time I put through with a beverage in one hand in second... It works out well!
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    Ignorance is bliss

    Thank you sometimes I showboat my abilities (not riding, drinking.....)
  14. What sums up a good weekend..... http://s84.photobucket.com/albums/k38/roetg1/?action=view&current=HPIM2041.flv&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1
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    Servicing after Mods

    I didn't know if running the engine on that alternate timming would change any service intervals or wear heavier thats all!!!