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  1. CrashBellley

    Now woulden't this be a nice garage?

    id swap out the weekend car for a classic, a 1968 olds 442 or a 69 gto or maybe even a mopar, like a 68 charger?
  2. my sister likes to ride?
  3. CrashBellley

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    k, my o5 yzf 250 aint much to look at, stock plastics and shitty factory knock off decals, but those got put on there by the dude who had it before me, appearance doesnt matter when all you can see is my dust though, doma exhaust, custom tuned suspension, custom valving, platmin iridum plug, high compression piston, and rings, high performance cam and the valves are triple angle ground, um, new clutch plates as of yesterday at 3 30 am, sunline 520 chain and cogs. um, i leand out the jetting a bit (176 main and 38 pilot) cuz i live up in canada and its higher altitude. other than that just a scrpion aluminum skid plate and soem factory works trail armor, shes good to go. i think some acrebis hand guards r next, and all black plastics maybe?
  4. CrashBellley

    Trail exhaust systems

    theres no way in hell you could bore a 400 out to a 440 thats impossible, thats too much metal, think about yout your saying, ****
  5. CrashBellley

    Yz Or Yzf Need Help

    a 450 would be good for where i ride, theres lots of fire roads and trails wide enough for quads, so being super nimble isnt a big issue, it all really depends on what the trails are like out where you live if they are tight, u could go with the 250, but if your trails are more rugged and rocky/log covered, u might want the 450 i know in contradicting myself, but really its all the basis of what its like there, if its kind of the place where you have to lug your motor out a bit, then 4 stroke, if youve got lots of straightaways and smooth winding trails, 250 it up sorry if im not alot of help
  6. CrashBellley

    2005 YZ250F misses on top end

    your valve return springs might just be shot everyone, just a thought, valve overlap can cause sputtering.
  7. CrashBellley

    2005 YZ250F misses on top end

    Spark plugs need corners to spark, maybe your contacts are rounded off, try filing your plug, then re-gaping it, or just buy somethin gliek platnums or plugs with multiple lower contacts, like 2 or 3, theres also the plugs where the arc jumps from the center to a ring around the outside.
  8. CrashBellley

    Could I do anymore damage by continuing to ride?!?

    i think its time 4 a new bike
  9. CrashBellley

    Oh god, did I ruin my motor?

    no i sank my crf150f in 3.5 feet of water this summer, i pulled out and took out the sparkplug, the engine was plum full of water, so i tipped it over, all the water poured out, then i got it home, cleaned the airfilter (it was soaked and filthy) and changed the oil, the gas in the float chamber had some water in it too, so i changed the gas, now it runs fine so again, no its just gotten a little older a little faster