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  1. little john

    '05 Big Woods 200 time!

    last day to sign up is next week friday, if you are still interested in comming get your info in soon. hope to see you in wabeno.. little john
  2. little john

    '05 Northern WI Big Woods 200

    Glad to hear you are comming back, you are right Friday is a hoot busting around on the "short charts" If I get a little time I have another one I want to put together, if I don't I'll try to take a small group out friday afternoon and run it if I can get freed up. see you there little john
  3. little john

    I need an epic ride.

    Ok so it's still a month out and possiably a ways from where you are and I'm real whore for pushing it like this ,,,but come to Wabeno WI. and ride with us the 24 25 of sept. we are shooting for 160 riders have a big mix of stuff to ride , if you show up fri morning there will be roll charts to get you out and about. most guys that ride all 3 days average 130 plus miles a day. give me a yell if you want more info. little john
  4. little john

    '05 Big Woods 200 time!

    Just a last min up date .we just added 2 more "hero" sections one is 3 miles of single track the other has the potental to be more depending on how this weekend goes doing lay out. at this point there are9 single track sections ,some sand 2 track ,gravel and woods roads. Those riding the event will run more than 250 miles in 2 days of which less tha 20 total miles will be tar roads. yell at me if you have questions about the ride, hope to see you in Wabeno. little john
  5. little john

    '05 Northern WI Big Woods 200

    Hi everyone, Mr. madwrench gives me more credit than I'm due.things are shaping up really nice for the ride 2 and possiably 3 new hero sections, the district president and I cut in about 3 to 4 miles in one new parcel on thursday before I went to Republic MI to play ride for the weekend { what a novel concept} The reason for doing a national next year is two fold first the same reason guys try riding to the top of a steep rocky hill, cause it's there and to say you did it. the other is to hopefully get more exposure to manufacators and dealers sor the participants get more door prizes. thats what its all about more fun. how you can make it to Wabeno some time. little john