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  1. josh507

    building 2015 kxf 270 big bore

    Rocky mountain did a 13 with the works cylinder kit and stage one hot cams. About to do my 13 with stage 2 cams, 269 kit, valve spring kit and port and polished head
  2. josh507

    2013 crf450 suspension re valve utah

    I'm very pleased with my FCR Suspension. They are out of Ohio.
  3. Going to buy a 2011 ktm250sxf for my brother. Guy selling it says it has like a dead spot while riding it. Did a little research and it looks like there is some 2012 updates to do on one to take care of the problem. Any info is much appreciated.
  4. josh507

    2011 yz250f fork seals

    Yea i will. It wasnt on my bike and needed a cheaper route!
  5. josh507

    2011 yz250f fork seals

    Ended up doing the all balls seal and wiper kit and some fork skin covers and has worked out very well. Was very cautious about buying these but they are working great for anyone else that wants to give them a try
  6. josh507

    2013 fuel pump replacement

    Havent ever changed one on a honda, but I had a 2010 kx450 and I went through 3 pumps on it. No idea why. At first, the bike would bog and cut out when youw as giving it gas, then after a while it wouldnt start. Popped the air filter off and shot starting fluid in there and it fired right up. Changed the pump. Takes a little bit of time, but by kicking it over, it will prime the pump and should start up.
  7. Whats the best replacement fork seals and what fluid and fluid level is everyone running?
  8. josh507

    New honda release today

    What does everyone think or have you heard? Got word from a local shop that today at 12:01pm, maybe a new product release from honda??? Any ideas?
  9. josh507

    rm250 help!

    I would try going to the 32:1 ratio and lean it out some and see if that helps any.
  10. josh507

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    If anyone is interested, message me on here
  11. josh507

    Yoshi vs two bros

    Donnie Elmer is a great guy and just recently gave me the best service for a big company. Got a system for my 14 crf450, cans were crooked so I emailed him, reminding you that I bought them used for an individual but they were only used for a break in. He immediately responded to my email asking for a picture. Sent him, and got a response of, I will be sending you 2 brand new cans and when you get those if you could sned your old ones in. Couldnt be any happier. Most big companies wouldnt ever do a thing like that.
  12. josh507

    $10 PGM-FI HRC Tuner Tool

    I have the actual hrc tool for sale and software for a 13-14 honda crf450 for sale if anyone is interested.
  13. josh507

    Warp 9 wheel set?

    I had warp9s on my pro circuit mod kawi450 and they were great with no problems at all and I ride the A class and some offroad. Even have them now on a 12 kawi450 I use for a practice bike. There great wheels for the money.
  14. I had my 14 crf450 done by FCR in Ohio. Put a bigger bladder and some works parts in and it is amazing! Ive had pro circuit national kits in my past 2 kawi450s and I personally think this is better and they have great prices. Give them a call and tell them Josh Stalker referred you.
  15. josh507

    fmf 4.1 system

    They are for sure! I sent him a email saying my problem and he immediately responded back and wanted pictures. And they came back with a reply that said I will send you new cans if you can send those back which is great! Wish all big companies were just like this and trying to help us everyday racers!