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  1. i was wondering if it is possible to take newer kdx models and convert them to the older kdx look, example. older kawasakis had those purplish seats with the purpleish graphics, thats what im looking for and i ahvent been albe to find them in any online stores, anyone know how to find pold kdx graphics and seets, or seet covers
  2. stubbs

    cheap daul purpose for sale?

    maybe iff i was a little bigger i would be able to handle a 650 but i dont think i would be able to, im 6 foot 140 pounds and in good physical shape, play highschool football wrrestling and rugby, i mayy........ be able to hande it and that seems like a really good price. the thing is i dont get my motorcycle permit until april, so i was looking for i bike i could put in the truk and drive to the places i ride my 4 wheeler. i live in severn by the way right next to archbishop spalding wherei go to school. ill talk about it with the parents and with some of my buddies that ride and see what they think. yeha iw ould like to see some pictures of the bike, i dont know iff you want to email them to me or just post them but my email is jonathan150x0@netscape.net, i guees posting the pics would be easier but w/e you wanna do.
  3. i keep hearing about daul sport kits, what i am wondering is can you take any old dirt bike, slap on a daul sport kit, take it to the dmv then take off. or does the motorcycle halfto be licensed for the raod in the first place. i am wondering because i am looking at buying a 1995 rt180 for about 700, it runs great apparently (skeptisism). could i buy a daul sport kit for it and get it licensed?
  4. stubbs

    Chinese dual sport motorcycles

    iff i were you ide spend that 1100$ and buy an m16, or a more cheaper 700$ m16 from dpm, both made in america. alteast the money will be going to american workers instead of into communism
  5. stubbs

    who lives in Maryland?¿?

    hey i live in the big MD. not a moto owner as of yet but getting there fundadge wise, you all wioll halfto let me in on soem nice places to ride, rural severn aint to motorcycle friendly im sad to say.
  6. stubbs

    cheap daul purpose for sale?

    just thought ide put out a calling card to any fellow marylanders who have a daul purpose moto they would like to sell for cheap, preferably under 2,500. need it for fun/ ttransportation when i get my M license. very soon thank god!
  7. stubbs

    400s or 200SE or just a dirt bike?

    Can the E be made platable?, is there much difference between the S and the E or does the S just have the onroad gizmos. i take it this isnt very tactfull?
  8. stubbs

    need some drz help

    yeah to answer a lot of questions i have a car permit and am hoping to get my moto license after i get my full car license, and i mean right after. i live in maryland so they have strict moto laws and i think it may take alot to get any bike street legal. I owned a pw 80 when i was from 9-12, we sold it cuz i was to big and my parents wouldnt get me a 125 so i dont hae much exp. , i know this is a drz forum bu i happened open a 95 yamaha rt180 for 700 obo, the guy sais it runs great and apparently there the original owners, ill halfto chek out the bike to see just how good it runs. but anywhoo does anyone know iff a 1995 rt180 can be made stret legal, iff they make headlights for the thing or anything of the sort. thANKS I APRECIATE ALL THE COMMENTS THEY HAVE HELPED ALOT. DAMN CAPS LOCK
  9. stubbs

    need some drz help

    ok heres my deal, im 15, and looking to buy myself a used enduro for trail and street usage. puroosing around on the internet checking out the different motorcycles that might be classified as enduro i come along the drz models made by suzuki. they look to be a good breed and all the things i read on them from different sites had all but good things to say about these motorcycles. apperently there are 3 models of the drz400 the drz400e, drz400s and the drz400sm. the sm looked to me to be a strictly road kind of bike with the road tires it had on it the S seemed to be sporting the more trail looking tires but still had all of the gizmos of a road legal bike including the wieght 29i apperantly. The E on the other hand seemed to be the bike i was looking for but didnt sport any of the onroad fetures of the other two. my question is witch of these 3 bikes are clasified as enduros?, and would it be possible to make the e street legal. wich it would halfto be. also considering the drz 250, can that be made street legal also?