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  1. xdwnhlr

    Saturday,october 7 Starvation Ridge GP

    Well, I hope the course wasn't muddy for you guys....I did my best to clean it off in the morning quad race. Good to see you again ktmchick, it's been a long time. Great job Rhino! We had to pull out right when you were finishing as we needed to get back home to meetup with the in-laws. My race went well, (1st in ATV expert) but I got beat to hell on that course. Good times though!
  2. Take exit 71 off of I5. Head east on Highway 508 for 16 miles. Turn right on Johnson Road, go 2 miles to track. Track entrance is just after Burnt Ridge Road Map of location
  3. Cool, we're headed down today after work. See ya there!
  4. Yea, I tend to keep a low profile over here since I'm nothing more than a redneck quad rider that doesn't have any skill or enough balance to ride on 2 wheels. Heh.
  5. Heh...yea you know me.... I used to run the RDR team!
  6. If any of you MX guys are actually gonna race the Burnt Ridge WORCS for motorcycles the following weekend, this could give you a early sneak peek of the course.
  7. xdwnhlr

    Washougal Weekend

    Here is a link to some of the photos that I got at Washougal http://pimbasworld.com/jls/view_album.php?set_albumName=good_photos_washougal_national_2006
  8. This past weekend at Eddieville. The 4hr ATV race. I felt the race ran really smooth, and it was lots of fun. Boy that course got rough thru-out the day. Thanks again! Oh yea, have you heard any news on Brandon's sister? Do you know what exactly happened to her?
  9. I've always used http://hotshoppedesigns.com/ when I ran a mtn biking team up here. Turn-around time has always been good for me. Other people that I know, have used www.vergesport.com and they're jerseys turned out nice. Here are some shots of the jersey I designed and that hot shoppe made. Photos may load slow.
  10. Are you needing completely custom sublimated jerseys, or just a stock jersey with some logo's designs on it? Also what's your quantity that you're looking for? That usually makes a huge difference on pricing, depending on what you're wanting to go with.
  11. xdwnhlr

    7Th Anual Spring Mud Fling

    I had heard that a kid had crashed and that he/she was unconcious. I rode a quad that morning and it was extremely muddy. I got 1st in the Ironman Amateur class, and it was fun. Us quads tried our best to clean off the course for all of you bikes.