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  1. guppyworldwide

    Foutain of Gas

    Happened to me on the week-end. I attribute it to 2 things. #1. I made an altitude change (up a mountain) which increased the pressure differential from the inside the the outside tank. It was really hot that day as compared to the day I filled the bike. I am pretty sure that these bikes don't have an effective vent.
  2. guppyworldwide

    3x3 mod without Dynojet jetting?

    So, My buddy can't afford Dynojet. For jetting from 3000 to 6000 feet how does 142.5 (stock) main, 25 pilot, 3-3.5 turns on the fuel screw sound with the 3x3 airbox mod. Note: My bike is using the Dynojet 134 Main, and runs great in this altitude range. And that is much less than the reccomended setting at sea level. Any help is appreciated.
  3. guppyworldwide

    22.5 pilot jet ok?

    Thanks for the answers. My bike never had engine braking broblems before, so I know it is something I did. I guess I will check the vacuum and see if I can find a leak somewhere. I have tweaked with both the idler screw and the fuel screw. I have the fuel screw over 4 turns out just to get it to run properly off idle....seems like too much based on other reports. It idles like a dream. Quickly if you don't mind...when you say check the float level, what is the proceedure for this?
  4. guppyworldwide

    22.5 pilot jet ok?

    OK....So, after some "serious" riding (as opposed to testing it around the block), I find that I get what feels like huge engine breaking when I let off the throttle. The bike runs unbelievable as long as I have more than 5% throttle, but any less, and I feel like I am being thrown off the front by unexpected engine breaking (worse at lower RPM's). On the odd occation I hear a loud backfire when I release the throttle (this through a completely stock muffler). Since it is my understanding that the pilot jet is for idle, would I be correct to assume that it is also for very low throttle as well? Can you get backfire from running too lean? If this is the case, I think my problems are with the pilot, and it being 22.5. I guess I will order a 25 pilot and an extended fuel screw from TT and see if it helps. Does anybody feel more engine breaking after the 3x3 DJ???
  5. guppyworldwide

    braking on down hill?

    I seem to get into this super steep stuff with loose gravel/rocks down the whole hill every time I ride. I just can't seem to avoid it...I'm talking 50-60 degree stuff. I know from lot's of experience that you can't afford to lock up the front brake. You go down for sure. But... My personal oppinion on these steep trecherous hills is to use the front brake to it's limit (just before it starts sliding/locking) and suppliment with the rear. The steeper the grade, the less braking effect the uphill tire has (conversely, don't use the front brake only if you are stopped on a steep hill facing up, you'll just slide down backwards). Try and do most of of your breaking on some sort of solid stretch of ground. Loose dirt/gravel takes your front end where you don't want to go. If you find your engine braking turns into "engine pushing" at slower speeds (as I had with my DRZ400s street gearing), change to slower gears. This was the single biggest improvement to my down-hill capabilities. And 2ply....You made me laugh. I've been in your situation more times than I would like, and I am glad to see I am not the only one. These Canadian Rockies make for some interesting riding.
  6. guppyworldwide

    22.5 pilot jet ok?

    Wow!!!! Thanks for the quick advice. 22.5 worked. I needed a little bit more than 3.5 turns to make it run right, but.....WOW!!!! Now I love this bike...I can get the front end up with my fat ass in 1st, 2nd, and well...maybe third if I wasn't so chicken sh$%. Thanks again.
  7. guppyworldwide

    22.5 pilot jet ok?

    So, my bike is apart. I have the DJ kit and 3x3 mod done to my bike, and was given the wrong Mikuni 25 pilot jet (short instead of long). I am running the 134 DJ main for reference. So, in a town of 1,000,000 there isn't a single shop with the 25 jet I need. Will the 134, 22.5, 4th clip work OK from 3000-7000 ft? How crucial is it that I go to 25? I am soooo new to carbs, that I would appreciate any help.