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  1. TheBadassTrailGuru

    fire roads

    Yeah, This is so much better. I can't be depended upon to wade thru the nonsense. I need Big Brother to do it for me. Put on your big boy pants & go outside.
  2. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Recharging Nitrogen in a Shock?

    I learn sumptin new every day! http://lmgtfy.com/?q=the+internet+is+my+friend YOU are a stud!
  3. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Recharging Nitrogen in a Shock?

    How'd you do that?
  4. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Ten years gone

  5. Zeke's Hill????? What did you do???? Watch!?
  6. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Turns out SuperSlyko’s an alright guy!

    Ok, I admit it, I've done it too!
  7. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Looking for a guide next weekend

    This is just ripe for Goob to step in!
  8. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Little Stonyford, Sunday 6-4-06

    Now...............I've ridden Trail 6 backwards, forwards, and the last time I tried it upside down most of the way.................. but RJ only rides the 3's and 6 may be a tad much for your gal thats only ridden a few times before. But I agree with you. YZ and Zekedawg are all fullofit! This has all the makins of an EPIC ride. Add Peak & 450x to the mix and we'll be telling our grandkids about this! Make it So #1.
  9. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Ladies & gentlemen, Welcome 2006 Prarie City Gran Prix Jan 14/15

    Monkeyclam, I'm ready. This Grand Prix is just a balls out race!? No timekeeping bullshit? I don't have to buy a rollchart? Just pedal to the medal?! Gives me a chance to kick all your @sses! Take no prisoners! Bring it!
  10. TheBadassTrailGuru

    the OHNONOTYOUAGAIN Trail - ride report Georgetown 9/25

    I've been down & UP that trail a hundred times. Ain't nuthin! Maybe tough for sum little girl.
  11. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Am I a spode?

    I'm with Blue, Just asking makes you a spode!
  12. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Monday Monday

    People are still gonna come from all around just to read your posts! Hell, I was just cruzing the So. Cal forum, and I read some guy....."Hey, I rode with Bigbob and we did......bla......bla....bla" Let's face it! YOU are the man!
  13. TheBadassTrailGuru

    Georgetown - Saturday Ride Pics

    Funny, I remember these guys............Oooooooooo..........it's raining..............ooooooooooo..............I can't ride in this...............oooooooooooo
  14. TheBadassTrailGuru

    NorCal's - Is Carnegie just hillclimbs?

    I like all the buzzards flying around all day! Gives you that eerie kind of feeling!
  15. TheBadassTrailGuru

    aug 14th ride link

    Bummer Man! I was thinking about going JUST to ride with that superslyko guy! He is Da Shiit!