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    1985 xr100 carb

    can any one tell me if the throttle slide which is in the carb should slide all the way the way down carb{as if to close the throat of the carb completely off or not}This bike has a keihin carb on it also.cleaned the throttle cable but it barely moves at all i took it back apart and it is not hanging on anything free movement but when on the bike it just feels like maybe a quarter of the throttle is there and not the full amount that it should be.one more thing at idle if you take the choke in hand and switch into one of the three different the thing really winds up all the way any suggestions .it is like the choke is acting like the throttle .i hope you all know what i mean thanks in advance new guy.also i noticed the brass pieceon the side of the carb that is connected th the choke when idling it rocks back and forth irratically Things i have doe 1: took apart carb and cleaned it 2: cleaned and lubed throttle cable 3:set air screw back to 1 1/2 turns out from all way closed.