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    Anyone in NYC?

    I'm out in Long Island (Levittown). I want to start a riding spot just off the Whitestone bridge... Bronx bound, look left and you'll see a big dirt area...
  2. jesshirekat

    Riding in New York

    Hello fellow NorEasteners... I am originally from SoCal and use to ride a lot in the high desert. Here on the east coast I have found that riding dirt bikes is as forgein as hockey in Africa. Yapank track is ok, but really expensive. Also, the mud that it leaves on your bike is like concrete. I heard that a new track was built in Bohemia (LI), and it was $1000/yr, no daily fee. Rauch Creek in PA is where I'm going next. Heard that it is really fun. LI sucks for riding, but what are you going to do? Lembo Lake is the worst place I've ever ridden. Ever... Totally depressing. PA is the place to be for riding. NY is terrible. NJ only has ETown. Conn has a track that seems cool, but it wants $500/yr + 35/ ride...Bite me! I say we pool together some bucks and build a track of our own.