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  1. One of the install steps is to "Remove pilot air jet"... Do you just simply remove the jet and leave the hole open? Or do you plug the passage that once held the jet? What would the issues be if you just left that "pilot air jet" in and didn't remove it?
  2. moosehunter

    DRz's: Old SM vs. New SM... Differences?

    Agreed on finding a plated "E". However... Around these parts, finding one would be like that needle in the hay stack. Even the used "S" models are quite rare. To say nothing about used SM models. I found both SM's and S's new... But not one "E" anywhere. So... A SM model is in my future.
  3. Question... As a previous DRz 400SM owner... I see Suzuki brought them back! (Yes, I have been living on another planet... ) Anyway... Are there any major differences between old and new SM models? Or are they the same old "pet rock" bikes I knew in the past?
  4. moosehunter

    Wiring headlight on my CRF150F

    Correct me if I'm wrong... It's been a while since I last wrenched ion a 150F... First off, does your bike have electric start? If not, all is not lost. However, you most likely do not have the proper stator on your engine. This is one place the 150F differs from the 230.... You'll need to go to the aftermarket and obtain either a rewound stator or a new stator specifically made for adding lights. It's a easy conversion. Just take your time, read the instructions twice. Then once again. BTW... Splitting the cases if not necessary on the 150F but pulling one of the outside engine covers is. That said, you will need at least that side cover gasket. I've always used products from Baja Designs for this type of conversion. Their all inclusive kits are easy to install and well thought out. PLUS... And it's a BIG plus... Their customer service is unsurpassed!! (note: I'm not affiliated with Baja Designs in any way. I'm a loyal end user that has had GREAT luck with their products.)
  5. Howdy Folks!!! Been a while, eh? Just thought I'd stop by for a cup of joe and say HI. Been gone a while and I can't tell you how good it is to be livin' in the good ol' US of A!! And when I look out my window... I see a 4 letter word that begins with "S"... SNOW!!! Not SAND!!! You just don't know how happy that makes me! But... I digress. No bikes in the garage yet except for my big old Hardly Able To, two wheeled couch. I am looking around a bit and maybe... JUST MAYBE... You'll see a new S/M build gracing the pages of TT in the not so distant future. More later... (New site design looks GREAT!!! Now if I can just find my way around. )
  6. moosehunter

    It's official!! I no longer own a CRF...

    Oh, I hear ya.... But something HAD to give... At least I still have my guns, ammo and a Bible...
  7. Yep... It is done. My S/M project bike was sold yesterday to a really nice guy looking for "a bit larger than a 110" bike to run on indoor kart tracks. When the shipping company comes by to pick her up, it will be the first time in many, MANY years that a Honda has not been parked in my garage... It's not even gone yet and feels weird alrady... Hopefully some day, when MY economy gets stimulated, I'll be able to change that and have a nice, shiney, new RED bike again!! So for now, I'll be cleaing the garage and seeing what, if any, remnants of Team Honda are still around. I have found a few parts already and will be posting them in the classifieds shortly. Some new, some reconditioned and others clean but used... It's a sad day in Moosehunter land... I'm all out of Hondas... Shameless plug: Buy my parts so I can start saving up for a new bike!!! PLEASE!!!
  8. Hi Folks... As some of you may know, I've had to sell my 150F S/M project bike. It's not gone yet, but I've had a ton of people interested. "IF" the bike finally does sell... I most likely won't be stopping by as often. So I wanted to write and say... THANK YOU To everyone here... TT is a wonderful site!! And this board has a great bunch of people!!! Without you guys, this project would have never gotten off the ground!! Take care...
  9. moosehunter

    What would you do?

    Trust me guys... If I was not "financially forced" to sell it.... It keep that sucker and would be modded well beyond what you see here...
  10. moosehunter

    What would you do?

    I still have it listed locally and over on SMJ and have greatly reduced the price. In fact, the price is now WAY under my "break even" point, financially speaking. However... No action as of yet. What you see in the pics is "as stock" as I can get the bike, minus the 280mm front rotor which has been replaced with the stock rotor. The rear suspension has been brought back to stock with the original swingarm, linkage and shock. The front now sports it's original forks, loaded with the stock springs and heavier oil. Gearing... Also stock but with a new chain. Engine covers and body work had been replaced due to cosmetic reasons and I no longer have the old parts. Except for the original 2005 tank panels which I still have. Other than a small bag of original OEM fasteners, the big EBC brake, a new chain guard (the one mounted over the c-shaft sprocket) and the original left side engine cover... what you see is what the new owner would get... I'm at my wit's end with this sale.... i need to move it and QUICK. But don't want to lose my pants and shoes, along with my shirt, in the process...
  11. I've gotta make some ends meet and a few of my projects have got to go... Unfortunately, my CRF150F S/M project is one of them. I've tried selling it locally and have had NO luck at all. Only one guy came to look at it and he asked me "This isn't a dirt bike... Is it?" So I ask you... Should I give ebay a shot for a sale? OR... Part this baby out and hope for the best?
  12. moosehunter

    Front rotor replacement

    The 280 is a HUGE upgrade over stock!!! I only ran mine for a very short time, but the improvement was amazing. With the stock line the new brake was great!! with a braided steel line, the results nothing short of spectacular!! I found it very easy to modulate and quite fade resistant. from the MooseHunter!! Not to hijack any transaction but I too have the same 280mm set up listed in the classifieds here on TT if anyone else is looking for REAL brakes. 280mm rotor, caliper bracket, EBC pads and all the fasteners... A complete bolt on brake solution!! Only $100.00!!
  13. This is NOT a cobbled together kit folks.... I've been street "tarding" bikes for quite a few years and this kit works GREAT!!! Be the 1st on your block to have a "M" version CRF150!! And if the stators "cross"... A 230F "street" version would be cool as well!!
  14. moosehunter

    added sliders to my tard

    Just a quick word of caution on the use of skateboard wheels as sliders... Remember that skate wheels are designed to PROVIDE traction (friction)... NOT reduce it... Although "real" sliders may look like skate wheels, their material is designed to reduce friction in a crash and allow the bike to slide rather than catch and do the "ground, sky, ground, sky" routine... Which could do WAY more damage to the bike, and you, in the event of a crash... The DO look great and I hope you'll never need them!! Ride safe folks!!
  15. As some of you may know, I set up my '05 150F with a complete set of lights in order to make it street legal. I've got everything, right down to turn signal brackets... I'm turning the bike back into a "dirt only" machine and was wondering if anyone would like to trade their stock stator and wiring harness (and some cash) for my complete Baja Designs/custom lighting set up... PM me if this is something you may be interested in...