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  1. Wings

    Need some advice from LADIES ONLY!!

    With the additional info, sounds like you're being rational rather than doom and gloom. Would be interesting to hear her side of the story. I hope you can find a good resolution. Good Luck!
  2. Wings

    Need some advice from LADIES ONLY!!

    Sounds like you both need to have a little heart to heart and discuss options. I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask waiting a bit longer with the skiing until you can find a way to be somewhat financially secure, but I don't think you should quit enjoying the things you love either. Please keep in mind this is from my perspective, here's a little bit of info just so you know where I'm coming from. I trashed myself pretty well over the years and ended up with 20 some surgeries (shoulders, knee, elbows, wrist, ankle, back). My goal was to return to pre-injury competetive levels. I was laid up most of the time from 98-01, and spent another year after that working on getting into decent shape again. I know what you're going through with chronic pain from an injury, but don't let it get you down. If your wife had her ACL replaced and she's ready to go ski again, I think she should go for it as long as she's gotten herself in good condition. Some extra conditioning and sports specific training would be a good idea, but I completely understand her need to get back out there and enjoy it. I also understand your worries, it's not a good position to be in and if anything happens you could be really screwed financially. Chronic pain can really get you into a rut and cause depression. If you're just being realistsic about your situation, great; just remember to find things to do you enjoy and not get into too much of a doom and gloom outlook. As far as I am concerned, I started over from scratch in '02, including a new career which is quite physical at times, and I feel better than ever. I'll be 41 next month. I'm a little more cautious and less reckless than I used to be, lost that I'm invincible attitude a bit; but I still play hard and love every minute of it. No fear, enjoying it all. Life is too good and too short not to enjoy it, and the only thing you can't get back is time. JMHO
  3. Wings

    Street Riding!

    Street riding is a blast too, and your experience in the dirt will make you a much better street rider. I think everyone should start out in the dirt!
  4. Wings

    soft seat for the 05 450exc/mxc

  5. Wings

    Cloudcroft Enduro

    I'm going to have to pass this year, but next year should be do-able!
  6. Wings

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    Grew up on various Thumpers, have a K1200RS for the road and really really wanted a KTM 400 or 450 EXC. Stumbled into a 300 EXC a few weeks ago, got a deal I couldn't turn down and absolutely love it now!
  7. Wings

    2003 EXC soft seat?

    There are no complete seats available for the older models as far as I know, I was looking for one for my 2000 300EXC. You can however, buy the soft foam, and a new cover if you need, and put it together yourself. I'm not too thrilled about trying to staple the thing together myself, but I betcha any upholstery shop could do it very easily and probably not charge an arm and a leg.
  8. Wings

    i need some riding partners!!

    Will, Let me know if you need any help moving. I have that little 10' trailer with the ramp that is quite handy. Are you going to make it to Tom V's wrenching BBQ on the 13th? pm me on Adv if you need help, or call me. Natalie
  9. Wings

    250EXC as first dirt bike?

    It's been since about 1985 since I've done any real dirt riding, and I just got back into it-wanted a 400 or 450EXC but ended up with a 300 EXC. Absolutely love it, although a friend told me it might encourage some bad habits. All I have to do when I get in trouble is hit the gas and it takes care of me. Either way, it's an absolute blast and it's light enough for me to pick it up all day long.