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  1. 93DR350inWA

    Question regarding pipe for my '04

    you are going to drill into the end towards the front of the bike, not the outlet (back) end. ~munkel
  2. 93DR350inWA

    Question regarding pipe for my '04

    Exhaust Diffuser Mod from Rick Ramsey's site.
  3. 93DR350inWA

    Exhaust Melting Pants

    would something like this help?
  4. 93DR350inWA

    Allen head stainless bolt set

    Muds not too bad, I am pretty anal about cleaning my bike after rides. I have really bad luck with buggering bolts up and the allen heads are "me-proof". I would at least like to put allen heads on the seat and plastic bolts. I pull the plastics off all the time. Ebay has sets for dozens of bikes just not the CRF, I may have to do as you did and just search around and do it piece meal. thanks, munkel
  5. 93DR350inWA

    Allen head stainless bolt set

    I am searching for a stainless allen head set for the 250X, has anyone seen one anywhere? I am sick of buggering up the bolts on my bike, I would like to replace them with allen heads. I just don't want to do it piece meal like my last bike. I have googled and checked flea bay.... Thanks for any input, munkel
  6. 93DR350inWA

    DR D head pipe

    Is the DR D head pipe a larger diameter than stock, I am looking at DR D complete exhaust system but I don't want to lose any power on the bottom. It is last years style, all polished, not the new 07 with the grey tip. I guess the "low boy" style..... Also for those that have the complete system did it come with the quiet core and spark arrestor? Thanks for any input, munkel
  7. 93DR350inWA

    CRF250 X and R: Photo and Total mods

    OK I guess I better throw some pics up. 2004 CRF250X Mods up this point: Street Legal DRC Blinkers, Flush Mount in Back, fronts tucked behind Acerbis Cyclops K&S Brake switch Acerbis Cyclops Acerbis Black Plastic Trailtech Computer Fastway Handguards Fastway Pegs Protapers FE Gripper Rooster Rad Guards E-Line Skidplate DBG rear fender bag and Cycoactive Spare tube bag
  8. I just got my 250X and normally ride at 500-1500 ft. I am going out to Moab for a week and am wondering if I need to rejet for the trip. I believe Moab is around 6800 ft, I could be wrong. Any thoughts...... Any tips for the Moab area? Thanks, Munkel
  9. 93DR350inWA

    How much is a 2004 CRF250X worth?

    check my garage, there should be a few pics of the my bike with pro-tapers there.
  10. OK, this is probably a stupid question but I'm tired and my brain isn't working right now, I've never been good with electronics anyways. What prevents you from running the turn signals off the battery on the X? Wouldn't the charging system charge the battery when you depleted it? This is for a pair of blinkers I would most likely rarely use. They are LED's so they wouldn't draw much current anyways. For that matter wouldn't running the headlight off the battery prevent the constant dimming as the revs drop? I could see the headlight maybe drawing too much, but not the signals. I'm sure this is a silly question but I really appreciate anyone explaining this to me. Thanks, Munkel
  11. 93DR350inWA

    Got Me A New Thumper!!

    I love my Rooster guards, everyone who has them seems to think they are the strongest. Rooster Homepage You will still need to trim the tabs on the original white guards and zip tie them on.
  12. 93DR350inWA

    anyone running a Acerbis Cyclops?

    I just bought one for the X and I'm wondering how you wired it up and how it performs with the stock stator. Thanks, munkel
  13. 93DR350inWA

    does anyone make a black airbox door?

    thanks all, I will take a look at all those options. I appreciate the input. ~munkel
  14. 93DR350inWA

    easiest way to bleed rear brakes?

    thanks, I need to get that manual as soon as possible, I appreciate the guidance. ~munkel
  15. 93DR350inWA

    does anyone make a black airbox door?

    I am blacking out my X, I can't seem to find a black airbox door though, does anyone make one or do I have to paint mine with Krylon fusion? What about black plastic front/rear brake protectors? Thanks, Munkel