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  1. dirtyriders110

    new truck pics

    I can't believe I just read that entire thread. It's 2 am .. time for bed.
  2. dirtyriders110

    Mototractor pics

    We have a 53' 8N .. right now someone is using it for their contracting business.
  3. dirtyriders110

    Look to Rent . . Enclosed Trailer

    Why not just rent a U-Haul?
  4. dirtyriders110

    4x4 a Must??

    People say just keep your momentum which works.. but what about when you want to stop? My 2wd Escape is fine until I want to stop. But my AWD Grand Cherokee will go everywhere stop or go.
  5. dirtyriders110

    4x4 a Must??

    I've had two 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokees. I love it because if I'm on a ski trip or pulling out a stump or pulling boats out of the water on a slippery ramp 4x4 is so nice. To me the cost is worth it, especially with the higher resale value they have around here. Right now I drive a 2wd Ford Escape since I am on a college campus and don't want my new GC to get dented and scratched. I have gotten stuck a few times having to stop on hills etc. Luckily I always have good friends in the car to push .
  6. dirtyriders110

    Tundra at Supercross

    So true.. Hope that Tundra doesn't have any unintended acceleration and hits someone on the track! And better not put the bike in the bed, the tailgate may fall off or the bed will shake the outta the bike!
  7. dirtyriders110

    first truck

    I wouldn't really consider $15k rich... but if you say so. I'd look at Ford and GM half tons, you cant really go wrong.
  8. I just got an 05' Jeep GC 5.7l Hemi. It supposedly has the tow package but does not have a hitch. I am planning on getting a hitch installed while I am home on winter break from college. I was wondering: Where do you guys recommend I get it installed? I looked at Uhaul but I noticed their class III hitch is a tubular design. I've heard a square design is much better. Is this true? Should I take it to an RV dealer to get one installed? Is class III what I should be looking at? I will mostly just be pulling a pair of Honda Aquatrax with it but I would like the ability to tow my parents 21' Outback camper if need be.
  9. One explanation could be that your brother and friend drive faster while towing, so they get worse gas mileage. I really don't see a 6.0L Chevy getting better mileage than a Chevy Diesel while towing a large toyhauler.
  10. dirtyriders110

    New Ride!

    So my 95' ZJ had a problem with the transfer case that was not worth fixing. So we decided it was time to donate that Jeep and upgrade Old Jeep loaded up for mountain biking and jet skiing: New (to me) 05' WK Limited with the 5.7L Hemi and 81K:
  11. dirtyriders110

    Subaru STi

    Insurance is what got me.. I was lookin at a Silverado SS but insurance would be outrageous on that truck for me. So instead I got a Grand Cherokee Limited with a Hemi. Its still pretty quick but insurance won't be insane on it.
  12. Whats up with the orange center caps?
  13. dirtyriders110

    New Vehicle Advice

    The truck isn't as fast and an SUV is convenient for my needs. The main thing I heard was bad was the transmissions, but I also heard about a recall in them, so maybe that is what those were from.
  14. My 95' Grand Cherokee has finally bit the dust. The chain in the transfer case has been rubbing against the outside of the transfer case and has made a massive hole. I tried to patch it up with JB weld but it is not holding, and the car is still leaking fluid. So instead of getting a new transfer case we are going to donate or sell the current Jeep. Now is the fun part for me, I need to decide what car to replace it with. I have been looking at the 05' Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L Hemi. I want something that is 4x4 and can tow my two jet skis. I also like the GC because it is pretty quick (0-60 in 7 seconds). Is there any reason I should sway away from this decision? I know it won't be too great on gas but my current Grand Cherokee isn't either. Any other vehicles worth looking at? I have about 10 grand to spend, although could go higher.