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  1. mullet708

    250 SX rubbing power valve

    Ok thanks, funny thing is this bike has never been apart original owner first top end under 60 hours on the meter
  2. mullet708

    250 SX rubbing power valve

    Doing a top end on my buddy's 08 250 SX, 56 original hours this is the first top end it, it appears the piston has been rubbing the powervalve this bike has never been apart before anyone seen this before
  3. mullet708

    Yz 250 clutch knock

    There is some normal clutch noise for sure but for the 30min or less it takes to pull apart and reassemble i would inspect, i had a weird noise coming from my clutch and turned out to be 2 broken fiber plates, made a mess but it never lost hook up,
  4. mullet708

    Installing Hour Meter

    I tried all that stuff 3m, Velcro, i lost them all, i put 2 small holes and mounted it above the left rad on the frame, as long as your not drilling big holes right trough the headset or bottom Of the frame, 2 litte holes aluminum are not going to create any problems at all, l
  5. mullet708

    HELP: Torque wrench and cylinder bolts

    Motion pro makes a tool that is a boxed end wrench with a 3/8 drive socket fitting in the centre, one end is 12mm and the other 14mm box end, there is also an easy formula that goes along with using it because the extended length of the tool increases the torque so the set value on the wrench won't be accurate, crows don't work that great and make it very easy to round off the nuts IMO,
  6. mullet708

    No Spark

    Sounds like a broken wire in the stator windings, they are contacting when cold but as it heats up they expand and spread apart and you loose contact there for you loose spark, it cools down they contract re gain contact and your off until it heats back up, now it's not running because they have made there way apart for good, new stator or re wind is the cure, but Before you go Spend that kind of Money be sure to check loose connection and wire harness and faulty kill.
  7. mullet708

    shorty or not??

    i have a 05 stock pipe, 06 stock pipe, i have a 04, 05, and 06, stock silencer, pro circuit works pipe, pro circuit reg lenght and fmf shortty, i dont like the shortty with any pipe for outdoor mx, its too abrupt and i notice the top end killer, for outdoors sweeping corners long straights and fast jumps i run a pro circuit works with reg lenght pro circuit silencer, but for indoor ax i use the stock 06 pipe with the fmf shortty, it makes the bike vary snappy, it just hits instant out of the corner with that set-up and it works nice for clearing tight jump and rythm sections
  8. mullet708

    05 yz250 float level spec

    didnt think the seat is replacable on the newer yz's, i was having the same issue and i can't seem to find a part number for a seat and needle set, i have able to get a new needle from yamaha
  9. mullet708

    2 YZ250's, Pictures

    . As for the 2 bike difference motor wise they are the same but suspension they are not get the 06+, my 05 is revalved by RG3 for my weight, My brothers is by Race Tech for his. We only had his stock for one day and it was hard to get a real feel for the it in just a few laps, but suspension did feel really nice. He is much shorter than i am so his bike is set up for a 155lbs rider mine is set up for 185lbs. so now it hard to get a real comparison but still riding his with that big of difference in setting i can tell if set for me the forks at least are much nicer. The 06 also has removable rubber mounted handle bar clamps, better pipe if you want to run stock, better looking shock body and stock triple clamps. Unless there is a huge condition or price for the 06. NUMBA68 is that your NH in your avatar? That thing looks awsome.
  10. here are a few new pics of my and my brother YZ250's both hve mostly same mods, Mine is a 05 (708) his 06 (707)
  11. mullet708

    06 yz bar bend: the 790

    The pro taper YZ high is almost an exactly copy of the stock 07+ pro taper stock YZ bend, its just yamaha has the exclusives to the stock bend and they charge close $200 for them, but after some research pro taper just called it YZ high and chaneged the numbers very slightly and sell them for less then $100, i couldnt tell the stock evo's to the pro taper YZ high contours apart
  12. mullet708

    Do RG3 clamps really help?

    i have it on my 05 because the stock 05 clamp isnt very good its solid mount, it works well and i really like how well it stands up in a crash, i have Pro taper contour bars but i have also filled them with expanding phone, on my brothers 06 he has the stock top clamp but with the applied bar clamp looks alot like the tag one shown above with pro taper contours, his bars are not filled, my bikes vibrations are a bit less but hardley noticable. the RG3 is a very nice clamp and for my 05 the stock one plain sucked but for the 06+ its a bit steep in price
  13. mullet708

    07 535 EXC dies

    this post is for a friend he has a 07 525EXC he has be having this problem with its since he got it will die when you let off the gas and pull in the clutch it just dies, he has playing with the fuel screw changed to a JD jet kit with a 172 main, 48 pilot, JD Red 4th from top, using the bigger o ringer supplied with jd kit on the accelartor pump, this didnt help. It always dies, then will re start and idle fine, it still has all stock Air intake and exhaust emssion control, anyone have this problem
  14. mullet708

    Dep vs PC top end pull

    anyone have a good comparison of the DEP vs the Pro Circuit works for top end pull, I currently have a PC works with 304 silcencer regular length also using a .125" spacer with the pipe, i dont have a real problem with it down low but wouldnt mind more, but i wont part with top end pull of the PC i love letting it rev out, im considering the dep right now with the good deals they have on but does it match or beat top end pull of the PC?
  15. mullet708

    insulator melted

    reeds are good they were changed last top end 29.3 hours ago i looked them over and they seem fine, i think it got hot the wet sand race the more i think about because the plug looked fine when i checked a week or so before that race i havent looked at it since then, until now