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  1. Still nothing. Just "May." Contrary to the Kijiji add for Edmonton. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-dirt-bikes-motocross/edmonton/2015-ktm450sx-f-factory-edition/1065841809?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  2. When for a ride yesterday along the North Saskatchewan river yesterday in Edmonton. The trellies really hooked up even in the deep snow. First ride with my bike in the snow and it was definetly running a bit lean so I'll have to work out a richer map. Anyone happen to have a cold weather map?
  3. I took a look at mine just now (it's been 3 weeks at the dealer), and it has the cone with the small part facing toward the engine. It really does look like it would restrict exhaust flow though! I just hope that I can actually give it a real ride without taking it back for another warranty issue. I have faith though.
  4. This was before I went to Baja in November. Had no problems in 2700 Km. I've got a rewound Trailtech stator and flywheel.
  5. DMN

    heavier flywheel in the xcf?

    Well I got my bike fired up tonight (about 9:30). The problem was the machining where the keyway was supposed to go. There was a bit of a bur where it was machined on the outside, not allowing the flywheel to seat completely. I bet it wasn't more than 2 or 3 thou. Man, is that a weight off my shoulders, with going to Baja in 2 weeks I was really getting stressed!
  6. DMN

    heavier flywheel in the xcf?

    albertaguy, did you have any other problems installing the flywheel? I just got my flywheel on Friday but went to put it on today and the cover will not go back on. It's hitting the stator on the radius of the flywheel. Did you take any pics of yours when it was out?
  7. Albertaguy, didn't you get a heavier Trailtech flywheel. How do you like it? Did your bike loose any snap? I'm going to Baja in a month so I think I'm going to have to buy one (to get move out of my charging system) anyway, but was wondering if it's going to be one of those buys that I have to change out when I want to ride the track.
  8. I have Tech 3's right now, but now that you mention it, it wasn't as bad with my my F3's.
  9. My XC505 hits false neutral between 2-3 and 3-4 quite a bit.
  10. DMN

    How bad is this ????????

    That looks too familiar. I almost crapped my pants! My dealer said it was normal (so did KTM Canada), but I've never had a bike that had that much metal shavings!
  11. Well if it the DOHC engine (in the 07-08 SX450F or 08 XC450/505F) then you only have 1 oil filter. The old style SOHC engines have 2.
  12. No I mean mine didn't come with 2 batteries. It only came with the YTX5L-BS. My battery comes out ok, but to get it in is crap! Once in it's ok. One other thing is parts here in Canada are sure coming down. The oil filter is $7.50 in the US right? I bought one here in Edmonton for $7.57 (list). I couldn't believe it. Finally something I don't feel like I got bent over for!!
  13. No, it's a bigger bore. I don't know how it compares to the Ktm SX or XC-F 450's. The battery think is kind of a let down considering that KTM is supposed to be at the tops in build quality and stuff. It fit's in fine it's just getting it in that sucks. Getting it out if no problem either. The problem is the corner of the tray catches on the battery.
  14. I finally got my 505 yesterday, after it had been lost in shipping. It left Montreal on the 14 and it came in last Monday! Anyway, here's what I've my first impressions after a couple of trail rides. Pros: -It really does handle like way smaller bike. It turns easier then my 06 KX250F. Although it does have more headshake, so a dampener might be need after winter. -it feels light. -the shifting is no way nearly as notchy as my KX -the brakes are really really really awesome!!!! I hope they stay this strong! -air filter access, why hasn't everyone done this? -the power, it is super smooth. I was kinda expecting a really big hit like my 03 YZ450. Maybe this will come as it breaks in since I've been taking it easy. She'll still break the rear wheel loose easy but I was expecting a total gravel road wheelie machine. -the electric start is wicked! I don't know if I'm going to be able to ride any bike without it again. My KX starts really easy but this is the best. Cons: -The suspension is not nearly as good as my KX. The back end was swapping all over the place and the for wasn't as plush as I thought it would be. -they are self tapping screws holding the rad shroud on, it just seems like KTM should have had some inserts with bolts. Maybe it won't be an issue, I don't know -it sucks to lift this thing with no place to grab it. -it didn't come with the a second battery that some have stated. I really grilled the dealer on this and he said there wasn't one in the crate. -the battery is impossible to install. You could get the battery in if you took out the battery tray and installed it then installed them together, or you have to put the battery in as far as you could get it then use a screwdriver the pry the RH rear bottom side of the tray to get the corner of the battery past the tray where it's angled. This is just stupid! Has anyone else had this problem? -the intake rubs against the shock spring causing a squeak. I know someone else had this problem so it's not just mine. Overall with an hour and an half on the bike I'm really impressed and with some suspenion tuning I think I'll be really happy (I mean I'll have to be for 9 grand!).
  15. DMN

    Ferry and Reed at USOPEN

    The scuffle after at the podium was good too. So was Reed comment when he was being interviewed about giving Ferry a "kiss and a hug".