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    TTR 125 Mikuni 20mm choke cable stuck in carb barrell

    Greetings again, Apologies for my late reply to your'e advice. I tried a bit of WD but it didn't work straight away but i'll soak it again and let it sit for a few days. I will let you know how it goes this weekend. Thanks again guys for your suggestions. Cheers Alpha
  2. Greetings Board, I have a TTR 125 LWAR version which is the road legal version here in Australia. I haven't had many dramas with this bike. Just a lot of fiddly bits. It has a problem with the remote choke cable. It was at first sticky and became slowly stuck over time. You could not turn it on at all, and was stuck in the off position. I thought it was from a lack of lubrication in the cable lead, so i tried to remove the whole cable to replace it. When i removed the fitting on the side of the carb it revealed the inner spring and cable going into the choke barrell, but i can't get it out. It seems to stuck in there somehow. I have consulted the workshop manual but it states it should basically just slide out. It doesn't elaborate much on removing the cable. When you look inside the little barrell the choke cable sits in there are some calcium and lime deposits. Not a lot, but more than i had expected to find inside a carb. Is there a trick to this? Am i missing something? Surely someone out there has experienced this problem before. Any comments or suggestions regarding this problem would be appreciated Thankyou Alpha_Solaris