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  1. wheelz

    I hate cleaning air filters !!

    I second this advice.. You can use Oxyclean and throw your dirty filters in the washing machine on "gentle Cycle" with hot or warm water. I buy the pre oiled disposable filters but reuse them. The pre oiled filters in my opinion need more oil on them than what they come with when taking them out of the package for the first time. The pro seal will eliminate the need for rim grease and is an awesome invention. (thanks Fred!)
  2. wheelz

    How hard is it to change a piston?

    Don't they put more strain on your main bearing and crank shaft? I know a lot of guys opt to put in the higher compression piston but is it really suitable for a stock crank?
  3. wheelz

    Need parts help ASAP

    Nice!! You just renewed my faith in them a little, thanks a lot for the update.
  4. wheelz

    Need parts help ASAP

    Let me know if ALL your parts show up. I have had horrible luck with Motosport, they tell me one thing on the phone but then after I open the box I find out something's on backorder. I know a bunch of guy's swear by them but I end up swearing at them instead.
  5. wheelz

    problem need to know ASAP

    A lot of times when you get water in your motor the end result doesn't happen over night but over time. In your case of getting a little water in the transmission while washing the bike, I wouldn't worry too much. Just drain it and refill it and my guess is you'll be fine.
  6. wheelz

    RHC CRF 250 Makes The Main

    Robbie Marshall is also on a Chaplin Sponsored Kawi. He is crazy fast and his family are just really great people. He lives a couple houses away from me and watching that dude ride is unfreakinbelievable! He recently had a real bad crash and busted his femur along with a few other things, he was back on his bike faster than I ever would have imagined possible.
  7. wheelz

    Hardest Decision of my Life

    I've always looked at it like this..... A bad day of surgery is better than a good day at work. You should give up the racing for a little while. I remember a crash I had once that made me question everything about why the heck I was doing it. I've broken a lot of bones, just last year I broke my ankle in 3 places and got a stage 3 tear in my left shoulder along with moving my entire sternum almost two full inches out of place. I had never even heard of that type of injury before, nor did I think it would even be possible. Clear your head if nothing else. I endo'd so bad once that coming off the face of anything after that crash just scared the livin' daylights out of me. At that point I was my own worst enemy because I was so paranoid of endoing like that again, my front end would nose dive because it was always in the back of my mind. It's kind of like when you are in a technical trail section and you know the line you definitely don't want to take but you end up in it anyway. "If you think, you stink." Riding scared and thinking about everything will ultimately do you in.
  8. I didn't notice a big increase in power with the FMF slip ons but it solved the SA problem and IMO they look pretty sweet. I love the way the duals are tucked under the side covers and as of today, I still haven't crunched one yet. I just got home from driving across country and in the last month I put over 10,000 miles on my truck. I got to ride all over the freakin' place and camped out the entire time to keep the cost down. I spent 2500 bucks in total and had the greatest time of my life. I wish I could say it's nice to be home but Massachusetts really sucks compared to a lot of other states to ride in.
  9. I bought the Dual Titanium FMF 4.1 Power core's for mine and paid 329 bucks for the pair, it comes stock with the removable spark arrestors. I also ended up buying the Q Series quiet inserts for them because I needed to get it down to 96 decibels. I'm not sure about the 07's but my 06 was tested once with the stock exhaust and read 101 db's. I find that the sound tests can be manipulated though and imo there is a little politics involved. I personally haven't had my balls busted during the process but I know some guys that have.
  10. wheelz

    Recluse Auto Clutch?

    I have a Rekluse in my 250 and I love it! I have the optional perch adjuster as well, so I can disengage it or adjust it on the fly. I am a woods guy primarily although I do hit the track from time to time. The only thing missing imo is the ability to bump start the bike. Rekluse also warantees it for a full year and I think, a 30 day, money back, no questions asked guarantee that you will like it and will want to keep it. It took me two rides and I was sold. If you are riding tight, technical, single track, I really think you will like it.
  11. wheelz

    CRF250R Maintanence/ First Oil Change Tutorial

    600 cc's of oil in the transmission is not enough oil. You should have at the very least 750 cc's in the transmission. In the engine oil compartment I usually end up with a minimum of 650 cc's after draining it and changing the oil filter. ALWAYS check your engine oil after running your bike for a couple of minutes. I guarantee you that after changing it and filling it to the full mark on your dipstick, when you run the bike it will be lower on the dipstick than it was before you ran it. These bikes hold very little oil in the engine oil compartment when comapred to other manufacturers because they don't share the oil with the transmission. ALWAYS check it to make sure it is full before you ride it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you are wondering if you are running the proper oil in your transmission your clutch should tell you everything you need to know. If your clutch is slipping then chances are pretty good that the oil you are using isn't up to snuff, unless of course your clutch is actually going south on you, you could then run molasses in it and it would STILL slip. :-)
  12. wheelz

    Can someone in NV help me?

    Thanks for all the replies you guys. I rode an area off of 207 on north benjamin road today. It was pretty cool and there was some real nice scenery. I am thinking of heading to Pine Nuts in the morning. Any idea where I can find detailed maps of some of these places? I've obviously never ridden any of this stuff before and today I was real worried about getting lost so I was afraid to really explore too much. I am used to riding rocks, roots and mud and that's basically all the legal riding we have left back in MA. I have a skid plate and also a Rekluse clutch so I am hooked up for riding gnarly stuff. Thanks again for all the replies, it sounds like pine Nuts could be a great place to check out. wheelz
  13. wheelz

    Can someone in NV help me?

    Yes, thank you, I looked there first before posting but nothing rang a bell with what the guy told me. I think the guy sold me a differnet map than the one he showed me where the area was located because he told me it was plastic but it's actually a paper one and there aren't any street names on it that make any sense. I believe the street name he told me began with the letter V and there isn't a single street listed with the letter v as the first letter. What a bummer! Thanks for the bump just the same.
  14. wheelz

    Bean Canyon up in Flames

    I am in South Lake Tahoe right now and brought my bikes out here in the back of my pick up. I drove over 3000 miles and then I rented a storage bin right at the Y and an hour later the surrounding area burst into flames. It is real bad out here right now with many people losing everything they owned. My bikes are safe as of today but this place is in real bad shape. I was planning on riding right in the area that is burning but now I am sitting here scratching my ass. I saw the fire when I went up to eat at the buffet on the 18th floor at Harrahs and I totally freaked! I tried to go back and get them but the police wouldn't let me through. Luckily they didn't go up in smoke. Yesterday it looked like a volcano erupted here and I witnessed first hand flames shooting over 100 feet in the air. It's a very sad situation for this whole area. My truck was completely covered in ashes this morning with chunks of burned wood 3 inches square in the back of the bed. I am staying over 6 miles away and ash and burnt embers are everywhere around me. I have no idea how they will ever put this thing out completely. There are 1100 firemen fighting the fire, so I am told. Unreal!
  15. wheelz

    Can someone in NV help me?

    I am currently in South Lake Tahoe and was planning to ride in the Eldorado SF out here but because of the fire the area is shut down. I went to Carson City today to search for riding areas and stopped at the Forest Station there and spoke to a Ranger. The guy was really great to me and recommended an area in the higher elevation to ride. The only problem is I can't remember the name of the road he told me to take to get there. He showed me where it was on the map and I even bought the map from him but looking at it 3 hours later I can't make heads or tails out of it. (yeah, I'm not too bright) He told me if I got to the resevoir then I went too far and missed the staging area. He said I really shouldn't miss the staging area though. He also said it was about 45 minutes from the Ranger Station which was located in Carson City. I am 3000 miles away from home and I don't know which end is up out here! I had done a lot of research before coming out here but now I'm screwed because the areas I was going to ride are shut down and burning as I type. I stored my bikes in a storage facility at 1:30 yesterday afternoon in South Lake Tahoe and an hour later the same area my bikes are stored in burst into flames. I went up to the buffet at Harrah's and looked out the window from the 18th floor and it looked as though mount St helens erupted! I freaked and headed back to get my bikes and they wouldn't let me go down the road to get them (which is understandable) but I was freaking out thinking my bikes were going to be roasted! I am able to get to them now and thankfully they are okay. Talk about a warm welcome, I witnessed first hand flames shooting up 100 feet in the air and it wasn't pretty. It's very sad! This morning at a local Denny's, a family was there who lost everything they owned including their 3 pets. The woman was bawling her eyes out and my heart literally ached for her. I felt kind of stupid worrying about 2 dirt bikes when here they were left with nothing! If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. TIA, wheelz