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  1. pimpin_my_450

    05 CFR450R idles but dies under load

    What size fishing line should I use? Gonna go buy some right now. Would .020" safety wire work?
  2. My bike sat for about a year in the garage, I drain the fuel from the carb after every ride, I decided to get ready for a ride this weekend. Fresh fuel, new air filter, an oil change and thought I'd be good to go. I could get the bike to barely start and idle then die immediately. Pulled the carb, replaced the jets and cleaned all the passages with compressed air, everything looked good and seemed to flow. Same problem. Started adjusting the fuel screw, 4 turns out and it would start to idle a little. I put in a 48 pilot, adjusted out past 3 turns and it was idling better. I put in a 50 pilot at 1 1/2 turns on the fuel screw and it has a nice smooth idle but as soon as I start to increase the throttle it dies. And not a quick whack either, just a slow smooth roll on. It starts to burble and dies about 3,000 rpm. I bought the floating valve seal and the needle jet incase those are worn out. Not sure what else to try after that? Suggestions? Could i have an ignition issue? I've never had to put a pilot jet that big in any carb ever. Used to have a hanging idle every once in a while but would always go away with a little fuel screw adjustment Sea Level 70-80 degrees 50 pilot 1 1/2 turns stock main NGGQ (stock) needle in the 4th clip aluminum hot start fitting R&D power bowl w/ALJ set to 1 1/4 turns out White Bros exhaust Stock motor
  3. pimpin_my_450

    It's Here!!

    Dude, he dug this thread out of the graveyard. Do you think he even knows that he responded to a thread from 2001????
  4. pimpin_my_450

    Any new 09's left in the northeast?

    There are 6 of them at Fun Bike Center in San Diego, CA that they can't get rid of and a couple more at Escondido Cycle Center. I frequent those shops quite a bit and those '09 450's never move
  5. pimpin_my_450

    works style forks for cheaper

    That is basically what a Pro Circuit "A" kit is, rebuilt zook forks. I have a set, I would know. Ti-N coated fork legs are 250 bucks a piece, correct axle lugs are 175 a piece, etc etc.
  6. pimpin_my_450

    Getting fork tubes re-coated

    Extremeion does the DLC coatings for most suspension shops (rg3, mb1....) so if you can get the wheel lugs off the forks, PITA, you can send it directly to them. They charged me 300 bucks for both fork tubes and the shock shaft and 30 bucks for shipping. If you can't take the lugs off you will have to have a suspension company do it for you, find a local shop to do it for a cheaper price. http://www.extremeion.com/motorcyle.html
  7. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

  8. pimpin_my_450

    DIY Fork/Shock Springs...

    New Ti shock springs run $350, one would think you could get at least $100 bucks for that one. No seals or oil required for front or back, just some minor disassembly with the right tools and your golden
  9. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

    Do you file them or drill them?
  10. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

    Not sure what his sag numbers are, I'm still trying to get him over here to pull his suspension apart. Spring were pretty much a given, I think he ordered a 5.6 rear and .47 fronts. Does that sound about right? I'll post up the stock shim stacks once I get everything apart. Is it going to be difficult to pull the stacks out, anything special that has to be done?
  11. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

    Yeah, he crashed at Comp Edge during a Vet-x race and broke his wrist thus prompting the suspension work. The only problem is that he is a poor Lance Corporal in the USMC and doesn't have the 500 bucks to lay down on a revalve so I'm trying to help him out as much as I can
  12. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

    He's a straight up beginner that just started racing in the 1st time beginner class.... Not sure he knows what he really wants I will try and convince him to tear his susp down, not sure he'll wanna miss out on any practice though
  13. pimpin_my_450

    2007 RM250 revalve help

    Ok guys, my buddy wants to respring and revalve his 07 RM250. Respring, no problem. Anybody have some good shim stack setups that might work for his bike, he weighs 220 w/o gear and his suspension is completely stock. Probably gonna end up with .46 springs up front and a 5.4 in the rear unless someone else has another suggestion? All help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  14. pimpin_my_450

    A kit differences

    I would be very interested to hear what you actually found out about the MX action settings. I was having the same issues with my A kit forks for a while and ended up putting my stock MB1 forks back on, talk about a difference. The A kit shock is amazing on my 05 crf450 with the rg3 linkage but the forks are almost retarded!
  15. pimpin_my_450

    bleeding my rebound dampner

    There is no oil leaking down the rebound rod so I doesn'tsound like it's the lower seal. Do you have any pictures of the inner seal on the floating piston? Do I have to disassemble the cap, midvalve, etc.. to get to it? Thank you!