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  1. no 450x's to be found in these parts, rare find indeed!
  2. We should see a new CRF450X for 2019, but then again we said that in 2012! I hope Honda does it right, takes the current RX adds a wide ratio trans that can hold 70 for hours without the engine screaming ( I hide fuel in the bushes and ride to my riding area ) but still can tractor over the nastys, add REAL LED lighting and a modern speedo info display along with trail friendly egros so my butt doesn't feel like it got ****** like it does on the current Yamaha WR's 2X4 they call a seat. I suppose im a rare rider where i can bust my bike out of the garage and just take off with only OEM lighting. I originally had a wish for Honda to build a 450L but after seeing the CBR based crf250L its very clear we cannot ask for that.
  3. my air cooled xr's run north of 400F on the opposite side of the cam chain in the soft sandy tight stuff! You know they are hot when it no longer idles and loose the valve clearance- its like kicking them over without a spark plug! As long as the X doesn't boil over (and even if it does) your still far away from major damage if jetted properly.
  4. i have been pounding every Facebook post Honda puts up with comments about what a new 6 speed 450x would be like
  5. its past due, and yamaha brass are talking about a single cylinder 450cc class dual sport as well.
  6. yup, its plated- and yeah- one heck of a unbreakable tractor
  7. great info, i did take a long look at the yz250x but my rideing is pretty extreme- to the point i need to drop off fuel the weekend before at the halfway point in order to complete my loop as my xr's fuel range is to skimpy. Anyone taking there 250x 450x or wr out this weekend in southern wa? id hand them a 6 pack for a quick spin around the parking lot. Im a old 42 yr old expert rider, never had a trail scare me yet. The issue is one day i'll be in crazy tight stuff the next weekend blasting fire roads hitting the rev limiter-
  8. i was thinking the same, i have the xr250r for places like Jones creek- plus i have no trouble with heavy bikes- rocked a xr650L on singletrack a few years back to win a bet
  9. Hey im a honda xr250 & XR400 owner ready for a new wr or crf-X just curious what people like best for western WA and Oregon singletrack? I plan to explore the wonderful GP trails (alone due to lazy ass friends) I love my xr400R but the suspension is pretty weak sauce for my 200LB beer gut. Thanks, Joe
  10. I dont but PM me if you head there on a Sunday! Best way to keep a carb from plugging up is a mid winter ride!
  11. what part of WA state are you in, all my riding buddies gave up the sport- also, whats with the 230F when U have a mint 1990 xr hiding in the back?
  12. still no info on the '18 X I'm wondering if Honda is delaying the new bike until current inventory is depleted?
  13. Ethanol caused corrosion happens when the fuel "phase separates" during storage in humid areas like a storage shed and is a HUGE problem in the marine industry with non mechanically knowledgeable boat owners pulling up to the pump and filling there boats with pump gas, then storing them after use. I have seen outboard engine carb body with pin holes strait threw the float seat from phase separation eating them up after long term storage.
  14. good question, what are the top speeds (granted you want to cruse at a safer rpm) of the x vs xr400r and the 250x with stock gearing?
  15. Idaho

    that's the rideing I enjoy, and partly why I still break out my xr250r