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  1. the 85 and 86 were the fastest, toggle switch power band- Honda worked on taming the engine down every year after. You can lean your air screw a tad more- the 500's can run leaner- and it will give you more of a "zing zing zing bing ding" lol - This and snowmobiles are the real Braaap, not a 10,000 rpm 4 stroke
  2. JRM

    New Guy

    November in the High country... hmm, sounds cold- plus lots of elk hunters roaming that area
  3. JRM

    New Guy

    make sure to call and verify hood river area is open, they opened the west side but the east side got very little rain
  4. is there a pict of the route you guys took, i seen a zoomed out one- looking for details to retrace this next thursday
  5. JRM

    Mountain Bike Only Trails

    im also irate, the mt bike people built the sandy ridge trails across the street from my house and after 2010 motorized access is locked out- don't let that fool you though, my xr250r with a stock muffler has roamed those trails! Really upsetting to see a huge gate placed on public property with only mt bike access
  6. me and my friend are headed up there next Thursday, dont know squat about the area- anyone want to join. mild intermediate pace rideing- anyone with garmin tracks willing to share?
  7. JRM

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    wish mine was, I only cut the airbox, uni filter and re-jetted to match the airbox plus fuel screw and the thing will dig a trench in the trail if I just look at the throttle! its now quite the handful in rocky sections
  8. JRM

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    hows low rpm chug a lug, say 1st gear threw tech situations. the 450x requires clutch below jogging speed as its way to jumpy and the engine doesn't like below idle use at all. Do you feel the L has more XR feel to it?
  9. JRM

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    where are your videos? Oh, and i want to know that loop you did, looks like down to trout lake and back up?
  10. JRM

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    My friend just retired from the army and went in to buy a TRX450 only to be very shocked and wishes he would have stored his old one rather than selling it
  11. JRM

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    im still amazed at that 100 miles on 2 gallons, i dont think my uncorked 450X would do that.
  12. JRM

    2019 CRF450X Trnasmission Ratios

    im curious as well, i know my current x winds out 5th way to fast and im always trying to grab another gear. Would gear it up but 1st is already to tall for the fun stuff
  13. JRM

    CRF450L first ride (and crash!)

    wow, that is indeed cool- helps on road visibility! Im only 42 and have had bikes appear out of blind spots and its not a good feeling
  14. JRM

    Search & Rescue Question

    Yup, I work for AT&T and know where our sites are- coverage changes around the country from carrier to carrier a simple rule of thumb is only carriers that were in business in the early 90's will have good rural coverage- because they built out the network for 3watt car phones and put the first sites on mountain tops. AT&T, Verizon and US cellular are the about it. Another thing to remember is that even if your phone says no service it may still call 911, this is because while you dont have your cell providers site in view another company's just mite be- and 911 laws require the phone (even without a sim) to find lock onto and use whatever signal is present. This expands into your choice of phone, dont buy cheap phones because cheap phones only support the frequency's of that carrier while more expensive phones support every frequency on the planet! Phonescoop.com will show the detail you want. CDMA800 and LTE band 12&17 will be plenty for the PNW
  15. JRM


    have had issues with several li-ion over the years on many bikes not just the x, said screw it and picked up the $25 wall mart Chinese AGM and it spins the bike over faster than any of my old ones and holds 12.6v over weeks of storage. Heavy tho