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  1. Drove to san Diego for vacation (LEGOLAND, Disneyland) and let me tell ya, nothing is as awesome as riders in cali, they lane share at crazy speeds- strait between lanes at the rev limiter
  2. This, check the cable to the decomp system, yes it will kick back a tad if the cable is broken. but nothing major like a cr500r
  3. one of these days im going to try a ktm 300, here alot of good from them!
  4. I know I put in exactly 28oz of trans oil so i'll measure that as well
  5. One more ride planned this month, will post a update- yes level ground 5-10 min after shutdown resting on threads Im a old school dry sump xr guy-
  6. Took my "new to me" used 09 for a verification ride close to camp, putted down a trail that parallels a bail out road just to check everything out- 25 miles total, oil was just a tad above the full mark at the start, didn't register on the dip stick when I got back! So, I plan to throw a TRX piston in the thing as its now plated and my out of shape A$$ will never use the power anyway. Here is the embarrassing slow video, I assume using that much oil is among the worst oil eater X's known? What did i here on shutdown at 14:05? was it pre ignition from the 91 octane pump fuel or a loose top end? Thanks guys!
  7. trail 26 that follows road 24 is open, rode it memorial weekend.
  8. I'll be exploring the blue lake area tomorrow afternoon, sage green dodge crewcab with my old trusty xr250r
  9. im planning to check out the top end of rd 23, juniper ridge and this devels staircase with my old trusty xr250r- if you see a sage green crew cab dodge thats me
  10. my friends say im twice as fast on my old 1991 xr250r I got as a 8th grade grad gift than I am on the 450x in the tight stuff- true as 3-4th gear upshifts are common on the bike in the brush..... sometimes I can down a complete Gatorade and pee before my friends on there modern bikes catch up to me- that said the 450x is quite fun but not the best in the single track nasty's as im normally in 2nd gear trying to keep it on the trail fwiw
  11. Hey everyone, I will try to keep this as short and to the point as possible. I picked up a old a 05 LTA50 that uses the long used JR50 2 smoke engine and the seller warned me it had a issue of running hot, i thought no prob- i can easily fix whatever prob this old engine design could throw at me. Handed him $500 bucks and left, I was Wrong! Sure enough after verifying oil injection working, no air leaks, jetting spot on and also running pre mix it the thing still ran hot- 390F via a quality IR gun on the cylinder so i pulled it apart, ordered a wiseco oversize piston and had it bored to match the piston. slapped it together and then it not only ran hot it now locked up tight as it got above 400F. pulled it apart, checked the piston to cylinder and ring end gap and honed + filed the rings to max spec. put it together, same problem. Pulled it apart again, removed all the paint and used a thin coat of air cooled engine paint. re checked jetting, put in colder plug added octane booster- fired it up and then finally it ran for a few more minutes before locking up. I then picked up larger main (70) and rose the needled to the bottom notch max rich and also added a USB computer case fan to the bike- blowing air onto the head, this has got me about 15 minutes of run time before it gets over 400F, im stumped. Help!
  12. Hey you found my old thread! YAY, I do think Honda reads this board ALOT more than we think- the crash of the economy back when this tread was posted prob played a huge role in the delay of the bike, FWIW I picked up a 09 450x a month before the 450L announcement..... and The engine on my 2009 crf450x sure is noisy, anything below 3-4K RPM sounds terrible- no low end chugging thats for sure! Mine Sounds like a 2 smoke without a wrist pin bearing down low in the RPM range! Everyone says its normal for the first gen unicam, although my old 2006 didn't sound as bad
  13. Husqvarna FE501
  14. Iv taken a plated crf450x geared 14/47 for a long ride, would not recommend this style of bike for 50/50 pavement dirt use- everyone laughs at the dated xr650l air cooled tank, but take one for a spin, they are actually quite nice and dont feel as heavy as they are (although i grew up on xr's) plus its much happier chugging down the highway- Edit, I see Steve the snake's response above, even the 501 is quite happy on the pavement and is one super nice bike! My friend just traded his DRZ for one and its very pleasant on the blacktop