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  1. simonxr430

    xr400 w/ Crf USD set-up w/ dampmer PICS!

    hmmmm not the best off setups...... i used to have a scotts underbar damper on my xr with crf forks and it was a much much better looking setup and easier to adjust as it was acsessed from rider side not from under headlight like yours... i just used a scotts crf underbar mount... easy...
  2. simonxr430

    xr400 not starting

    well turns out it was the auto decomp not working correctlly... the little spring behind the pin in the head was missing so the pin was never engauging on the decomp cam...how i got it to start a year ago ill never know.... replaced the spring so it works now and fired an ran on first push off the start button..... so now just gotta clean it all up make it look pretty and sell it off..... anyone in australia want a xr with elec start and usd forks and mikuni carb wit fmf Ti exhust..... it goes now and runs perfect....
  3. simonxr430

    xr400 not starting

    it has a mikuni carb on it.... and yes done everything you have said ..... i am gettin impression it is the auto decomp as the spring is not under the pin holding it up on the cam so it would be on all the time and tryin start it on starter dosnt spin it fast enough to deactivate it... gunna pull cover off and go thru all that and hope that it as not much else it can be...
  4. simonxr430

    xr400 not starting

    ive done all that and had carb apart an all cleaned out..and still the same it will fire on the starter but thats it it wont take off an keep going
  5. simonxr430

    xr400 not starting

    i have a xr400 with electric start that i cant get to run.. story is i had it going bout a year ago and had trouble with starter clutch so put it away till i got back to it .. now ive fixed all that up and now i cant get it to start.. it will fire every time on top stroke with starter but it just wont do more than that it just wont keep firing and run.. its starting to drive me crazy as ive had everything apart and checked everything.. the timing is correct, the spark is strong, the carby is fine and fuel good valve timing is correct and clereences right..... im starting to run outta ideas.. only one last thing the auto decomp is a mystry to me how that works as all there is in it is a pin and a spring and the spring is suppose to run on the cam??? well last thing is to pull that all out in case it affecting it..... anyone got any ideas as im trying to get it going to sell it.... thanks
  6. simonxr430

    xr400 flywheel trigger

    thanks mate.. i couldnt find this info anywhere on the net.
  7. simonxr430

    xr400 flywheel trigger

    bit of a strange question but i need to know how long the ignition trigger on the flywheel is.... its the raised bit on the flywheel that triggers the cdi to fire the spark plug.. i had mine modded for a vortex cdi and now i taken it off to sell bike and i put standered cdi back on and it hard to start and backfires while tryin to start . so im guessing because the trigger was made longer for the vortex cdi it is now firing the plug to soon and that reason it backfiring when trying to start.. soo anyone know or can measure there stock trigger on flywheel and tell me how long it should be.. thanks
  8. simonxr430

    Piston-to-cylinder clearance?

    wisco pistons have on box for clerance at 0.051mm clearence.
  9. simonxr430

    crf450x Forks

    fill it to 10mm above the step in tube and bleed it well!!!!!! top it up so it stays at that level and then insert ya comp bolt push down hard and you will hear it burp as it bleeds the air trapped inbettween out. and then ya done.
  10. simonxr430

    Spring rate identification

    thats a good find actally. the wire dia is just in inches so for my wire which is 4.9mm its 0.192" and it does work it out.
  11. simonxr430

    Spring rate identification

    man you must have read my mind as this is what i was gunna post up in a few min. i need to find out how to work out sping rate to just by measuring em. ive got springs that are O.D 42mm 4.9mm wire and 16.5mm bettween coils. for standard spring rates try www.suspensionnetwork.com
  12. simonxr430

    valving for 99cr250 forks

    its has a spacer bettween the 20 and the 10 of bout 2mm.
  13. i got a set of 99 cr250 fork on my xr400, im just trying to find a shim set up to make em plusher and not as harsh when riding trails. right now ihave the comp cliker all the way out and its still to hard on me. i also weight bout 220lbs and the springs in it are right for me. just forks is to hard. ive got the specs of whats in it now any suddgestions. comp. 20x.1 20x.1 17x.1 15x.1 13x.1 11x.1 10x.1 16x.3 16x.3 16x.3 reb. 20x.1 20x.1 17x.1 15x.1 13x.1 12x.1 11x.1 10x.1 mid 20x.1 8off 10x.1 3off 9x.1 any help apperetated thanks
  14. simonxr430

    Warning--usd--nightmare !!

    i put usd tc showas on my xr400 a few months ago and i had no problems at all. but i guess i knew what i had and what i was doing. :applause:
  15. So to change just oil nice and quick and easy like can i just undo top of fork and drain out oil and pump fork up ad down to get oil outta inner chamber or do i have to pull fork apart just to change oil.