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  1. same here, broke mine twice in six months.
  2. ok guys, i know by feel that the compression is still as good as it was, so i'll leave it a while longer and spend the money on a compression tester instead. Also the header pipe is coming off anyway so i'll take a quick look. Thanks for the help!
  3. i've done 17 hours now on my 05 and was going to change the ring and leave the piston even though the manual states they should both be changed after 12 hours, but was unsure if its still to soon? when do you guys change them?
  4. mines only done 17 hours but the motor does sound quite noisey. i change the oil and filter every two rides and check the cam chain and valves every ride, it had me worried at first but now im used to it and as long as it doesn't get louder its ok.
  5. does anybody know if there are any other wheels that will fit the 05 rmz? was thinking maybe kxf450/250? cheers
  6. Yep! Im Middlesex, West London.
  7. i just moved up for a 125 to the 450 and thought the same thing, suspension was tight and gear change was not smooth but now i've got 5 hours on the bike and changed all the oil, its running great! no complaints
  8. you americans are mad!