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  1. I got a chance to ride it once at the end of last season. I've been staring at it since December! This weekend its coming out of the basement snow or no snow!
  2. The new ride completed.. '07 KTM wc-w250 Bike was never really riden! Upgrades/ Addons Head Light Tail Light Plate Holder Hand Guards Pro Taper High Bars Hand Grips Rekluse Z-Start Pro Skid Plate Pipe Guard Rear Spring for weight Front Fork Spings for weight I sold my KLX450R for this bike.. I hope it doesn't let me down. LOL And the trophies in the background have nothing to do with me and a motorcycle:banana: They belong to my son.
  3. I just sold it this morning to a guy from OHIO! Bike sold fast... I'm not sure I did the right thing??? Kawi's are green but the fresh 100s made my eyes spin! Half the cash already ended up in my wife's hand ... a sad day I blame all you guys on the KLX450R forum for not talking me out of it:bonk:
  4. At the end of last season a buddy let me try out his KTM 250 xc-w 2-smoke. We ride a lot of tight areas, rock, single track, etc. common in New England. I really liked the light weight of the bike so I decided to pick up a 2007 KTM xc-w 2-smoke. I've only got one short ride on the bike so I hope I don't live to regret my decision!
  5. See add in classifieds for details. Bike is in excellent condition. Alloffers considered. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the help gmoss! I printed out the English version of the owner's manual off the KTM website.
  7. I just finished piecing back my new 07 250 xc-w 2-smoker last night! Went to the owners manual to get the oil capacity... the dang book is in every darn language except english! I took Latin in High School so I'm SOL.... Anybody know what the book calls for on a 2007 250 xc-w Katoom? 0.7 litres?
  8. I have a 2006 Honda CRF250x front triple tree/ clamps (perfect shape) with stem available if someone is looking to upgrade their XR. There are a few threads on how to perform this mod here on TT. I purchased this set of triple clamps a few years back and never ungraded the bike. It is sitting on my garage shelves collecting dust. PM for pic! $45.00 plus shipping should do it --> just want to get it out of the garage!
  9. I have installed the preload spring position at about 9 o'clock. I'll have to adjust to 11 o'clock. Thanks for the response:ride: Maybe with too much preload the spring winds to tight when kick started??
  10. 2007 xc-w250 My 250 kick start lever stopped recoiling last time a rode it. I took the side cover and noticed the gears & spring are fine but the spring came out of the kick start shaft so the spring couldn't load. Did this happen because it was not installed with enough pre-load? The problem seems simple but I want to make sure I correct it before I re-assemble. Thanks jim
  11. Mele63 --> I did go with the recommended settings simply because I needed a starting point. I never did change the adjustment after that as it seemed to feel pretty comfortable to me. I had it in some pretty sticky situations (stopped dead on steep hills with rocks) and it seemed to pull out fine without issue. Like yanni said its a matter of preference --> don't forget to put a new squish gasket on your header pipe (if you're using the stock header)!!
  12. All the parts are gone. Thanks to all you KLX450R guys & TT members!
  13. Rekluse SOLD! Remaining Items Skid Plate Rear Shock Spring 5.8KG
  14. check your PM!
  15. I can't believe no one has asked about the Rekluse Z-Start Pro! They go for 625 brand new. This one is like new for half off. If it fit on my new bike I wouldn't be selling it. I meticulouly removed, cleaned and repackaged the complete clutch into the original packaging & box with the installation & tuning instructions. I even have the original REKLUSE decals! (Send E-mail for a pic of the clutch)