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  1. moto2man

    OIL Filter?

    My son who has worked on his 06 kx250f put it in backwards on the 450. Talk about a mess!!! Cam,head,cyclinder and rod. I am still tearing it down looking for problems..
  2. moto2man

    after market clutch

    Yea my son races it and he uses the clutch to control all the power, mostly exiting turns. I've talked to him but.... anyway wanted to use oem but way to $$.
  3. moto2man

    after market clutch

    Has anyone used any of the after market clutch kits? My 06 kx450f clutch was slipping so found the plates burnt and first few inter fibers bad. I ordered a EBC kit but the fibers are different then the OEM ones. The fiders surface seems larger then OEM. Should not make much difference... I hope.
  4. moto2man

    07 kx450 oil pump BAD NEWS

    ATT:gistmarrs Dropped a valve on my 06 had to replace everything from the crank,cyclinder,valves,springs,pistion,gaskets and cyclinder head. Got everything from Mid Action cycle for 1500.00 did the work myself. These were the best prices i could find and everything shipped in a couple of days. Good luck.
  5. moto2man

    Kx450f Problems, Terrible Customer Reps...

    Don't know about his bike and it's issues but I have to agree with the Kaw customer service people. When i had problems with my 06 250f they were the biggest a@#holes i've ever dealt with.
  6. moto2man

    Bad Fork Seals?

    I have had problems with both my kx250f and kx450f fork seals. When I change them they seem to be really thin, reduce friction iam told. I've been wanting to try those seal savers things but haven't got around to it. Has anyone out there tried them?
  7. moto2man

    07 Kx250f Valve Questions

    You should check your valves every 15 hours. What does it hurt. Like others have said how you ride can cause valve ware and you might have to shim more often, but if valves are out this can cause major damage. Installing new valves at 15 hours is B/S. Good luck.
  8. moto2man

    05 Kx250f?

    Had better luck with our 05 then 06. Good bike. When you get into the motor install stiffer valve springs and stiffer clutch springs. Good luck.
  9. moto2man

    engine timing problem

    Make sure its not just the cam lobes at the buckets. It's hard to turn the cam past these by hand, try the kick starter.
  10. moto2man

    Valve Springs

    The 450 valve springs have doubled springs. I would think these would be stiff enough, but maybe iam wrong. Check the valves to make sure they seat and are in good condition. If all is good they should be fine, valve life is longer then 50+ hours. even OEM.
  11. moto2man

    timing chain

    About 50 + hours when i did the topend. I know on the 250f you need to change them often. On the 450 hard to tell if there is a problem with it until something happens.
  12. moto2man

    timing chain

    So how many of you are installing a new chain and when are you doing it? I completed a top end and did not have a new chain, this got me thinking if i should have odered one. Called my local kaw dealer 52.00 ! Place is a rip off. Anyway got one on order just thinking if a should install it now or wait until i get in the motor again.
  13. moto2man

    07 450 piston design

    So maybe I haven't paid enough attention to what going on here. Are you guys saying the wrist pin is breaking and causing cyclinder damange? Is it failing out of the piston? I noticed that the 450 pin is very large and weighs a ton. Also the pin clips that are coated went in easy, maybe to easy i double checked them to make sure i installed it right. The clips were new but still a consern.
  14. moto2man

    Oil Filter Question

    Been getting Hiflo filter for a few years now from ebay. A shop sells the for 6 for 20$ and couple bucks shipping. He sells for all models I use them on both 450/250 kxf.
  15. moto2man

    06 Topend

    Just completed a topend this week and all looked good. Had about 60h on oem piston and rings, all looked good. Cylinder had no marks and pin was also in good condition. Installed new OEM parts so will keep close eye on it. I did not have a 450 shim kit so bought two shims from my local Kaw dealer 12.65 a shim (support local dealers my a@#) Both intakes were tight.Ex were good