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  1. Just Letting Everyone Know There Is A Rhc Head And Cam For Sale On Ebay Right Now. 1000.00 Buy It Now. No Waiting To Get One Done Now.
  2. Honda

    I took off the trx carb and put on the crf 450 carb. It seems like there should be some adapter to the air boot. Please if any knows let me know asap. thanks
  3. This is all to funny. Back in 1994 at the Gainesville national JoJo almost tore my head off. I think he thought I was a little out control. Boy was he pissed. What a small world.
  4. Ron just recently put together an engine for me. WOW! This is my second engine from Ron and I still get impressed with the performance of his engines. I am on a 03 crf 450. I have his head work,springs,valves,j&e 13.5 piston and rings,chm sm1 exhaust and a cam that he wont tell me what it is. R & D is what I have been doing for a couple years, with no failures. RHC is the real deal. Thanks to RHC for making my weekends FLY by!!!