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  1. I could very well be wrong....but shouldn't your engine temp sticker be on the cylinder, not on the valve cover?
  2. I do the same. These are the specified amounts in the OEM Service Manual. (Actually its 690cc and 590cc but whos counting)
  3. I used to have that problem a while back on a 2002 CR125 I owned. I went one stage hotter on the plug and that seemed to help out quite a bit.
  4. Go to Plug in your bike. It will tell you everything you need to know.
  5. 13psi front and rear. Desert.
  6. This one just worked for me this morning. Thanks for the help.
  7. I wear them along with some long ass Fox socks that go up about mid thigh. Makes them much more comfortable. As far as them rubbing things....they rub my plastics/graphics, but Id rather that then wear nothing and have my legs get all messed up.
  8. Yup, I went in there and saw that, picked up 3 of em.
  9. Its not oil oozing off your air filter, then down the air box, and eventually running down various parts of your bike is it? Tends to happen in the summer, especially out here. Not sure what the weather is like out there.
  10. I dont personally think it will harm the filter, but I dont personally have any experience with that combo. I think if anything you are just going to have a hard time getting that oil off with only oxyclean. I know it works great for NoToil. 1 scoop, 5 filters, and a washing machine and my work was done.
  11. Yeah, I feel you. I still have my Tech-6's that Ive had since 02 and they are in great shape. I dread the day I have to get new boots. The A-Stars of now dont seem to be made as well as those from back in the day.
  12. I have the JD and have been very pleased with it.
  13. I cut off the bolt part, loosen one of the seat bolts and side panel bolts on the left side of the bike, shove the flag mast down the sub-frame, throw on a zip tie, tighten the bolts back up, and call it a day. I have not personally used the swingarm ones, but I have heard they tend to break flags, I have never broken one using my current method.
  14. I do the same exact thing but with the left front and right rear. Works very well and puts virtually no compression on your forks.