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  1. SirHilton17

    Riding your dirtbike up and down the street

    i take mine down the street every once in a while in the winter, when the streets are dry... in the summer i will take the streets to go to frineds house, or tracks.. and the cops dont care, my uncle is a cap... i asked him, and he said "its ok if you are going from point a to point b" and i have passed cops a few times and they dont do anything... but obviouly you have to go slow, and follow traffic rules... as for when i take the bike out in the winter, i haul ass... but i havent gotten caught yet... but the cops have been called a few times
  2. SirHilton17

    Fatbars for the 03 KX 125

    did u get new bar mounts or did they just fit right on the stockers, and then u used the universal 1-1/8 converters... i am having a huge problem of the stupid bars twisting in the ruber mounts and i need to fix it
  3. SirHilton17

    Replacing yz125 piston?

    if you cant get it off, just put it in.. the heat will get it off in a hurry
  4. SirHilton17

    Crazy float problem

    Now, the last time i tried to set it i went to far, and no fuel got in... so now I just took it off, set it and it is overflowing again... And it is not like a am making insanely huge changes with the float adjustment... This carb is getting on my nerves...
  5. SirHilton17

    front forks

    thanks everyone... got the forks on the bike, and everything felt great
  6. SirHilton17

    Crazy float problem

    I have a 04 kx125... Every single time that I pull the motor apart, and put it back together that carb will leak out the vent line... The craziest thing is I NEVER mess with the carb when I pull the top end. I usually drain the gas from the carb if it is gonna be sitting a while... this last time the bike was sitting for about 2 weeks, and I go to start it and the carb is overflowing like no other... but another weird thing is, it doesn’t leak out of the overflow drain... it leaks from the one of the vents that come out of the side of the carb... this bike has always done this... The first time it happened, I just set the floats to the specs in the service book... and I will still over flow like mad... so I did it again, and again... probably about 5 times... after that I took the book, and the carb to the mechanic at the Kawasaki dealer... he set it for me and it STILL overflowed... so after that I figured something was up, so I ordered a new needle and seat... put that in, same thing. so then I ordered a new float, but that in, same thing... so then I am getting really pissed right... so I just work with it, and just set the float by trial and error... well I eventually figured out the way this carb needs to be set, and every time it happens I just reset it to that setting... but I just do not understand why this carb keeps on doing this... it does not have anything to do with the bike sitting, or not being run for along time, or draining the gas out the carb... the ONLY time this carb has done it is when I pull the cylinder... I have tried lightly tapping on the carb with a soft hammer, trying to free up the float or what not, and that never works... And after I set the float to what I learned to set it at it is fine, every once and a while I will forget to turn my gas off, and it sits all night and it has never leaked when it is set... The way I learned to set it is to play with the float setting, then put on the bowl, just holding it up there then blow threw the fuel inlet, and if it just barely flows air is the only way it will not overflow. And if you look at the book, it is completely different than the way they say to set it... And it is weird that it drains out the vent... I have never had it come out of the overflow, and it is not that the overflow spout is plugged or anything... I have come to the conclusion that something is messed up with this individual carb... because I have worked of bike with the exact same type of carb, and I set it according to the book, and they never have problems... only this... Now ever time I rebuild the bike, and am constantly looking for gas to start leaking out... I don’t think there has been one time it hasent done it when I pull that top end... and id say ive had the top end off about 10-12 times, so its not like its just a fluke....
  7. SirHilton17

    98 CR250, boggs then surges in low end

    Air leak... Did you replace all gaskets? Is every thing tightend down?
  8. SirHilton17

    New RM250

    good point i have never done that, but im sure the bike would be making some noise
  9. SirHilton17

    Handstarting a CR125?

    my kx has always been arounf 200 psi with new top end... but that bike with everything new has always had low comp. i took it out yesterday, and it started nice, but was running like a turd, but it was like 20 degrees so i dont blame it. the cyl is somewhat worn on that bike, but not too bad.. original cross hatching was visable... and there is one really little spot where the plating has popped off... it is a really little spot, and it has been staying little. this bike was beat like no other from the owner before him... but it has new bottom end, top, complete new crank, and new cylender... the bike only has about 35 hrs (at most) on it since the new cyl... and prob. around 15 since the new bottom end and top. the bike as always felt loose to me. but every once and a while it will just decide to be fast, and when it does it will flat out haul, at least on the road... it has never had a nice power curve... but its a cr 125 so you cant really expect it out of it....
  10. SirHilton17

    front forks

    yup i did bleed all the air out... i pumped them up and down probably around 30 times to be sure... and yes i did mess with the clickers.... i think i am just being too picky... i will see when i get wm back up on the bike
  11. SirHilton17

    what does it mean when............

    well its not blow by... blow by is when combustion gasses are seaping past the rings... umm... is it backfireing? is the engine/pipe hot when it does it? i dunno... your gonna have to be more specific...
  12. SirHilton17

    front forks

    alright... i measured the air space... i had 97 mm and because they felt soft i added a little and made it 85mm... that is still in the adjustable range... they still fell somewhat soft to me... but maybe when they are on the bike, and there is 2 of them it will work out... i really wish that i would have left the oil and every thing in the other fork while i was rebuilding the other one, that would give me somthing to compare to... is it normal for when there is absoulutly no weight of the forks, to rattle when you hit them? it is the spring rattleing around, hitting the sides... i cant remeber ever hearing it before, but i dont usally hit my forks either. when you put some weight on the forks and compress the spring the noise goes away... well anyway, thanks for all of your help
  13. SirHilton17

    front forks

    That seak driver works, but could be nicer... I am lucky enough to have a lathe, mill and all the tools needed to whip these kind of things up... fast.
  14. SirHilton17

    front forks

    ok, so you would use the top of the forks as a "base"... and would i take the measurement from the top of the tube down, or from the top of the gutz of the forks? ok.. everything is starting to make since... i dont know why i got so confused
  15. SirHilton17

    front forks

    alright... here are pics of my cylinder holder i made, and the seal driver... the seal driver was a quick shot, i just grabed a peice of plastic, and turned it out to the right size. it works, but could be ALOT nicer.. my cylender holder on the other hand is pretty nice, i took a peice of tubing, turned it to the right dimensions, and milled in the slots. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e314/Hilton17/cylinderholder.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e314/Hilton17/cylinderholder2.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e314/Hilton17/sealdriver2.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e314/Hilton17/sealdriver1.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e314/Hilton17/sealdriver3.jpg