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  1. No. He has been in dirt rider a bunch of times....he is one of the best mechanics around.
  2. They wont run right with them. A really good mechanic around here told me not to put the honda diaphram in the ktm's it makes them run worse.
  3. Here is my 05 450 sx http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a267/yamaharider_92/?action=view&current=Picture2363.jpg
  4. Buy a new spark plug. My brothers bike had the same problem.
  5. It's not that hard to understand. Everyone who has posted in this topic besides that one guy said that the 450 and 525sx pipes are the same. Your parts manual said it was the same. I have swithed over a pipe from a 450 to a 525. What more evidence do you need to understand that the 450 and 525 pipe are the same!
  6. I have come to the conclution that you are an idiot. How many times do I have to say that we have a 525 and 450 and have switched the stock pipes and mufflers on them. The 450sx pipe and 525sx are the SAME!!! Just face the fact that you are not right.
  7. Just as I said in my last 2 posts
  8. The 450 and 525 pipe are the SAME!!!! do not listen to that other guy. we have a 525 and 450 in my garage right now. We have interchanged the header pipe and the mufler. IT IS THE SAME! End of story
  9. Yes they are compatable. My brother has a 525 and i have a 450 and his pipe WILL fit on my bike. so who ever said it wont was wrong.
  10. I weigh 240 and i ride my brothers all the time and i have passed 450's on that thing!
  11. Explain this then. I had an 04 crf 450 and went to an 05 ktm 450 and i was way faster the first time i rode it! explain that.
  12. You must weigh 400 pounds if you need extra power that bad. If you were a pro then i am sure you wouldn't be on a forum ragging on other peoples bikes.
  13. Do you really need the extra 6 hp??? I would say no. Unless you are a pro and you use every bit of power, then 6 hp does not matter at all. I'd give up 6 hp to not have to worry about valves.