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  1. kennymac131

    99 kx 250 rebuild

    Hey Yamahace, I realize this is a pretty old thread... Looks nice. I don't think I caught what size you ended up with... 295? Any more to add in your opinion on how it runs? I'm eventually going to go big and was curious what you thought. Ken
  2. Hey guys and gals, I recently acquired a 1999 KX250 and I'm finishing up a deep clean. Unfortunately I had to leave it apart for a month and now I don't remember how the capacitor wire harness runs. it naturally wants to go right thru the air box but I know that ain't right. Does anyone have any pictures or maybe explain? I looked at some rebuild threads and came close to finding something but I can't quite see what I need - besides who really cares about that wire harness in a rebuild photo, right? I know I'm missing something! Any help would be appreciated Ken
  3. kennymac131

    Fuel Injection FI settings and Big Bore

    Thank you. And this has been pretty much confirmed by cylinder works CS rep. They don't like to give any (specific) tuning advice but yeah... pretty much confirmed.
  4. Does anyone know... if you go with big bore on a 2010+ 450, does the FI need to change (with gytr tuner)? Or will it compensate?
  5. kennymac131

    Major Rejetting After Top End?

    Update... ran bike and, at idle, I sprayed carb cleaner all over looking for air leaks... none. So I did typical "Jetting tests" such as listen for popping on decel (still have a little) and ran full throttle and cut engine to examine the plug. The bike sputtered only at the top end of rev range. Plug is white/gray. So went to 190 main jet and sputtering is at even higher RPM so going in the right direction. Still baffles me that I'd have to jet so rich though. Feel like I'm missing something. Also, yes it is has been much cooler on these testing days but from a 42 (stock) pilot to a 55 and 175 main to 190? Seems like an awful big difference. Thanks to all who responded and those who (will) take the time to try to help.
  6. kennymac131

    Head off - motor turned over

    Also, if you're worried about spark on compression or exhaust stroke... that doesn't matter either.
  7. kennymac131

    Major Rejetting After Top End?

    Ah right. I did spray some on the rubber boots - airbox and head - looking for a leak but that was ok. I'll try on the hot start and post the result. Thanks!
  8. kennymac131

    Major Rejetting After Top End?

    Thanks Shawn Can you tell me what a worn and good seal looks like? Is there a way to test? Like If I used the hot start while the bike is running and the idle changes does that mean the seal is good? Ken
  9. kennymac131

    Major Rejetting After Top End?

    I'm rebuilding a buddy's 2006 KX450. I can take stuff apart and put it back together without much trouble but as far as toubleshooting I'm not great. So here's the situation: New stailess valves and springs in addition to complete head rebuild. New stock cylinder with stock piston - down from 13:1 Wiseco The jetting WAS stock before the rebuild but now I'm having all kinds of trouble with snapping and popping, hanging idle, stalling with this jetting. Went from stock 42 pilot to 52 and now it runs good. All other jetting is still stock. Questions: Can anyone shed some light on why this would happen? Should I rejet (richer) the entire carb? I was thinking if the idle was so lean the entire range may also be lean. Also, richer is safer than leaner. If there is a thread on this already would you point me to it? I did search a bit but didn't find. Thanks Ken
  10. I'm looking into buying a 2012 YZ450 and was wondering what people were paying out the door in AZ. If there is already a thread... sorry... and would you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Ken
  11. I'm shopping for a used KTM. Right now I have a 2008 450sxf and a 505sxf lined up to look at and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how many hours is too many. Or if there are overhaul intervals posted or published somewhere. Thanks Ken
  12. kennymac131

    2004 YZ450 Head Damage

    Have fun... I got the bike recently. I knew it was well ridden but I guess it was due for an overhaul. This happened after about 4 non-consecutive hrs of riding. Any suggestions on where to get parts, work done or a new head... cheap? Any suggestions on where to get parts, work done or a new head... cheap?
  13. kennymac131

    YZ450 Stalling on quick take-off with Rekluse

    2004 YZ450F Z-Start
  14. Anyone have a similar problem and if so what did you do about it? I'm new to the rekluse to any advice would be appreciated. Still getting used to it. If I try to take off quickly - lots of throttle - my bike stalls. The only other time it stalls is at low speed and I give it a handfull. I'm thinking I should adjust the stall speed of the rekluse before I start messin with the carb but I don't want to get it to a point where it will jump off the line in a gradual start. Anyone? Thanks Ken
  15. kennymac131

    Honda 2006 TRX 450 Front Shocks

    Does anyone know if 2006+ front shocks are longer than prior years? I'm looking at buying a set of 450 shocks for my 400ex but my friend thinks the shocks won't fit (correctly). I normally do trust him but he seemed a little unsure on this matter. Any help is appreciated. Also If there's anyone with a set of shocks for sale... Thanks Ken