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  1. Ronin 26

    CRF 450R EFI Programmer

    x2 on Bazzaz.
  2. Ronin 26

    Reuse Cylinder To Head Gasket

    I re-use new gaskets all the time. They get torqued during mock up. i paint them with high temp engine paint at final assembly. As long as it hasn't been heat cycled you'll be fine.
  3. Ronin 26

    2010 dyno results

    He starts the test at 5000 rpm.
  4. Ronin 26

    KXF250 dyno

    Nice work Ron, I can't read the numbers, looks about 40-41 ish peak. Wicked gain through the mid. I've had a built 07 on my Factory Pro dyno. I can't remember the specs on that motor, I'll check the run data and my notes and compare.
  5. Ronin 26

    MCCT tension

    Manual Tensioner Set Up Instructions: -with the engine at TDC (#1 and 4 on in line fours) on compression stroke run the tensioner lock bolt in with fingers ONLY until it stops (finger tight). -it is now safe to turn the engine in the normal operating direction. While turning engine over with a wrench again tighten bolt with fingers only. -once bolt has again become tight back it off one or two flats of the lock bolt head and check that the chain is tight (some chain deflection will be present) on the camshaft sprocket. -while holding the lock bolt in the above position tighten the lock nut against the tensioner body. -the head of the lock bolt is drilled to accommodate safety wiring so it can not back out. Drill one of the tensioner body mounting bolts and safety wire the lock bolt so that it may not loosen. -check camshaft chain tension at each valve clearance check, readjust every time the camshaft is removed, or as necessary. If the chain becomes noisy, re-adjust the tensioner. -if tensioner is too tight it will damage the chain guide contaminating the engine oil. If it is too loose the chain will be noisy and could allow the camshaft timing to change resulting in a failure. -if the tensioner is set up properly it will make for very reliable camshaft timing, and cannot fail if the above procedures are followed. -if the tensioner seems to “sweat” a little oil, back out the lock bolt (engine at TDC on compression stroke) and place some PST on the lock bolt threads and reset the tensioner. The o-ring can now be removed. If this is done all PST will need to be removed from the lock bolt threads before re-setting tensioner as it can skew the feeling of finger tight.
  6. Ronin 26

    wisceo high comp piston

    At 13.5:1 you'll be fine on pump premium unless you're in deep loam or heavey mud. If you're an A rider rum race fuel. At 14:1 run straight race fuel, mixing isn't recomended.
  7. Ronin 26

    MX Suspension any good for SM?

    You'll be fine, try it out.
  8. Ronin 26

    New Head???

    Nope a new head is ready to install. Adjust the valve clearance, and make sure not to over tourque the cam caps.
  9. Ronin 26

    Rear wheel spinning on Stand????

    Normal, constant mesh trans
  10. Ronin 26

    New Head???

    No it won't. If the journals are damaged (mushroomed) they're wrecked. .013 inches is huge, the oil clearance is much less than this. The head needs replacement, although i have seen some repaired. This involves welding up the journals and remachining the cap and journal as a set.
  11. Ronin 26

    Kx250f 07 Model-cannot Seperate Stantion From Slide Pipes

    Cir clip out and a little heat on the outer tube they'll com apart
  12. Ronin 26

    Anyone setup the 09 CRF450 for SM yet?

    I guess i have to runt he 04 for another race season, NEED a slipper....sigh. Thanks
  13. Ronin 26

    Anyone setup the 09 CRF450 for SM yet?

    is there a slipper clutch available?
  14. Ronin 26

    To hone or not to hone

    Mike is correct, hone it with a flex hone to break the glaze so the new ring will seat properly.
  15. Ronin 26

    problems with rev limiter(cdi)?

    check cam timing