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  1. I rode a 650r and then swapped to a CR500r at Yuma Sand Dunes. Once I got on the CR I caught up to the XR650 then pulled away from him, and the XR owner could only try and keep up with me. Damn near the fastest I've ever been in the dirt. The CR500 rocks, but I still bought a plated XR650r...
  2. I have the crossfires, best boot I've ever worn...
  3. This post was really interesting for me. I just sold my XR600r, and the guy was kicking the heck out of it. I told him he is not allowed to buy it if he cant start it! After 5 mins of kicking it, he got off and let me start it. I cleared it out, the got it to TDC and a put some welly into it and it started right up. He was trying to start it with his foot on the ground, and arse on the seat. I explained to him he needs to stand up and give it all he's got. After that he figured it out, he then bought the bike. Now I am getting a BRP...
  4. I have the same carrier. It moved about quite a bit in the 2" hole. I use 2 tie downs from the carrier to the truck and it has stopped all movement.
  5. I tried riding in the snow on my old CR250. NEVER again, cant see the bloody holes (big uns) or tose pesky tree stumps (ouch).
  6. I have an 03 Tundra and have no problems loading/riding my Raptor and dirt bikes up the ramps. But, I have a stepside, so the tailgate is as narrow as the Tacoma, maybe that is why I have had no problems!!!
  7. But it, you won't regret it. This is by far the funnest bike I have owned, since I started riding in 1981...
  8. I just drained my coolant out, and added Watter Wetter on both my ZRX and CRF. Haven't rode the CRF yet, but today it was 108deg in Tucson, and my ZRX fan didn't come on till after I sat at a really long light. Once I started going the fan stopped quickly. Will try out the CRF tomorrow see if it makes a difference then. Cost me $13 for 10 oz bottle, lot cheaper than new rads... My .02 worth.
  9. I have broken lots of plastic guards before, now I have the cycra guards mounted to the side top tripple clamp, and my last off, I bent the handle bars, broke my hand, fractured my elbow, but the cycra guards didn't break... Bloody marvelous bit of kit... See pic below... http://img.photobox.co.uk/64584336f0520f688c9f207e72e13660f9cb380ed52258eec9765a21.jpg
  10. Sorry to hear about your X falling, I am always scared it will happen to me. I now use Carabineer's so the tie downs NEVER comes off. The beener's will not shake off if the straps do vibrate loose. I also have some tie down rings on the lower triple clamp. See pic ( http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/638844 ) I also have made some rings for the where the seat bolts go. Hopefully this wont happen to anyone else... PS: How the he!! do some of you people keep your bikes so clean??? Polished frames! Do you not ride them? My X looked like this after just 28 miles...
  11. Every time I go out I do at least 100 miles on my 450X. I love it, and yes it is not the most comfortable thing to ride. But, when you ride it you forget how uncomfortable it is, just hang on and have fun... I am a bit anal, so I change the oil after every 100 mile ride, I have also fitted an hour meter, so it works out about 5 engine hours. You should have no problem running 100-200 miles in a day, just keep an eye on the level, as they do use some. I have had it since May 06, and have done 60 hours, and had the valves checked twice.
  12. For me it has to be the Scotts Steering Damper, followed by the radiator guards, then close behind is the Boysen Quickshot. Riding without a damper is just plain scary...
  13. Could you post some pics of your setup please...
  14. I have a Scotts, and I rode a 250x and a 250 KTM yesterday, it scared the life outa me, bloody handle bars shaking over every bump.. Once you ride with a damper, you will never be without one again...
  15. I am getting 100 miles per tank with my IMS... Damn good investment, seeing as the KTM guys I ride with seem to run out and take some of my fuel...