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  1. jhensley

    Central MO Trials

    I also wished i new about Cuba event only 1 1/2 hrs for me. I try to have an event at my place every year or so at bolivar mo. its been 1 1/2 yrs since the last. any of you guys out there that want to ride some of us locals are riding practically every Saturday and some Sunday afternoons. 2000 acres of riding are we have laid out 2 or 3 sections a week for last ten years so say 1200 sections and still havent ran out of room yet. there are around 7-10 of us locals wo ride but not always there at the same time some novice some amatuer some intermediate and 1 national expert and local master champ. Just call me ahead and plan a day trip or nice river camping John 417-298-3761 If your looking for endless trails to ride a trials bike on my place is probably not for you but if you are looking for unlimited trials sections at any level ive got it.come join us the more the merrier
  2. jhensley

    Central MO Trials

    Yes I am listed as the omta member. Omta is the last club i was a member of went out in mid 90s. I used to ride chadwick a lot and is worth the trip. What i have is 2000 of riding between the neighbors a mixture from chadwick type terrain to pure dirt bank slews to large river bluffs (pomme de terre). I was asked once about a national being held here but was too much work I try to ride every Saturday and Sunday afternoons and can be available during the week. I have held two events in the last 3 years with 20 or more attending. contact me if you want when you go to chadwich
  3. jhensley

    Central MO Trials

  4. jhensley

    1st Ride on a Trials Bike

    That should be an easy sell #1 it uses in a hard day 1 gallon fuel instead of 4 saving $12 every day its ridden never needs a top end or traded near as often as they dont wear out and its all about the rider not the bike. less trips to the emergency room ought to be pleasing also.
  5. jhensley

    What is your biggest????

    getting back to trials 86 ty350 yamaha to 97 montesa 315r
  6. jhensley

    Not to offend...

    I ride my trials bike 7-8 hrs per week but go to only 2 or 3 events a year the saterdays of a 2day on Sunday morning i go to church ride sometimes on sunday afternoon but not so hard im to tired to go back to church sunday night. I dont advertize with stickers and shirts. im not ashamed of my beliefs but see no use to enlarge the borders of my garments to draw a crowd. for me there is plenty of fun to be had on a trials bike without missing church. Some want to change trials into a church service to make up for missing church. If i attended a trials for christ event i image my old fashoned baptist beliefs would offend many of todays modernist. I try toot keep to myself try to do the best i can and in doing so maybee someone will ask me what i believe if not ill keep my mouth shut. no force feeding from me.
  7. jhensley

    Got the Itch

    Ill put in my 2 cents you probly want a full sized bike a 280 you can get by on a 200 a full size will sell better when you hooked and decide to trade up. contact the trials club in your area usually youll find riders willing to let you try their bike and let you know of used bikes or dealers if you are going for a new bike
  8. jhensley

    Sherco or Gas Gas or Montesa?

    Ride what your friends ride is good avice. There are at least 25 2000 model newer bikes within 50 miles of me. 3 shercos and around 22 gas gas. Ive owned all makes except scorpa. Not going to say anything negitive on other makes. But gas gas has been very dependable very light very quick. most parts cheaper (so far have only had to buy them when i broke something) cheaper. has the best plastic of all bikes. I have a question for geomoney about 04 300 05 280. My son (12 yr old) rides my 04 300 better than his 200 (he also rides my 04 300 better than i ride my 04 300) i was thinking about getting him a new 250 however ive found a 05 280 with 6 hrs on it worth the money would the 05 280 be harder for him to handle than my 04 300 i think my 04 300 is set on the mildest setting. Also which starts the best
  9. jhensley

    What is your trials bike of choice?

    gas gas pro my choice. All current makes are good. compete 2 or 3 times a year ride every saterday sometimes sunday afternoon sometimes m,t,w,t,f for the fun of it
  10. jhensley

    Boots? So many choices.

    hebos my choice for comfort. gaerne for quality. maybee its psycological but a new pair of boots seems to help my riding abillity
  11. jhensley

    Oh jeez...I did it

    congratulations i guess you might say i went through the same thing 28 years after i quit riding trials I started again. now riding an 04 gas gas 300 pro. I can remember when they were closing out those rls for $499. Your getting an awesome bike have fun
  12. jhensley

    Where would I even start???

    Heres a good bike to start with depending on his reserve price located in alabama on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Other-Makes-gas-gas-gasgas-tx270-trials-bike_W0QQitemZ4587855669QQcategoryZ6719QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  13. jhensley

    Where would I even start???

    dont know what part of alabama your from but you may not be far the trials training center http://www.trialstrainingcenter.com/ give them a call they hve schools which may be expensive if your on a budget but they can hook you up with local clubs riders if nothing else. you can pick up bikes for $1200 up that will work well you might have to do a little fixing but nothing like as much as a woods or mx bike. Plenty of places to ride butif you want a lot of company when you ride you may have to go some distance. Trials is a blast hope you check it out further. good luck
  14. jhensley

    Looking at used trials bikes

    trials comp has a few bikes listed http://www.trialscomp.com/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=11 adrian and mandy at lewisport cycle www.lewisportusa are good people to talk to deal withlocated in california. 98 gas gas would be excellent starter bike
  15. jhensley

    Looking at used trials bikes

    Ive got a 01 sherco 290 good shape id take $2400 for but im in missouri and would like to sell it locally all 92-98 bikes are good gas gas parts should be readily available and that era bikes should work fine for classes up to amatuer and even beyond a little. 93 and newer gas gas has a hydralic clutch which is nice dont know about california prices but here if you look around you can find a decent 95 for 1000 to 1300. The newer bikes have more zip are lighter with better suspension a 99- 2000 txt gas gas are very dependable and may be able to be bought right