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  1. GhostFace

    Leaky Water Pump

    I have a how to guide in word format for the balancer shaft bearing replace. If you want a copy just send me your email address and Ill mail it dires ct. Cheers
  2. If money is no object get new wheels and keep the originals as spares. I had my rims and hubs PC, check out my 06 in my garage. They were well beaten up, I cut the spokes out, sanded all the stone dings off the rims and had them bead blasted then PC + clear laquer, hubs were smoothed down with a power file and blasted and PC + clear laquer, even left the bearings in, just wipe out excess grease and make a threaded bar with big washers at either end to stop the PC getting inside. Talon S/S spokes and nipples, job done, looks the mutts nuts and cheap too, 34 hours use and still holding up.
  3. Ha Ha, check out the top of the decal of the 101 bike on the rad shroud, even top dogs cant get em to stick right.....
  4. GhostFace

    Foaming coolant

    Are you putting washing up liquid in with the coolant? I did tell your wife to add some for you just to keep it running clean.
  5. GhostFace

    Frame/Swing Arm Powder Coating

    Forgot to say, coloured PC lacqure is cool, Ive done a CRF frame in metalic silver with a red Lacqure, looks just like a toffee apple, no pics yet but when its rebuilt Ill see, silver with blue lacquer looks just like YZ metalic.
  6. GhostFace

    Frame/Swing Arm Powder Coating

    Make sure you put a PC lacquer over the top of it, I have done frames, s' arms, yolks, hubs, rims, hell even did a mates exhaust in black with a Kawa green end cap and that held up against the heat. check out my CRF in the garage with hubs, rims and yolks done.
  7. GhostFace

    Getting a UK number plate, help.

    Nice one, thanks again, Ill call honda on monday and get the first step done, then Ill post back here and let you know how Im getting on. Cheers again.
  8. GhostFace

    Getting a UK number plate, help.

    Thanks mate, what about the rest? Am I right?
  9. Hi guys, Im looking into getting my crosser road registered but dont know who to go about it. This is the procedure Im led to believe, get a certificate of newness from Honda to verify the year, send to DVLA who will supply you a number plate, get MOT, insure and tax, job done. If anyone knows any different please post here. My first problem is who at, and where to I write to HONDA? Cheers
  10. GhostFace

    where to mount hour meter

    I zip tied mine to the top of the rear shock, visible from the left side of the bike, well clean and out of the way.
  11. GhostFace

    05 450R leaking coolant

    Hi guys, if any of you would like a step by step guide how to do this, along with the balancer shaft that drives the water pump just send me your email address and Ill mail it direct. If your balancer shaft bearing has gone it wont matter how many seals and bearings you put in your waterpump it will still leak.
  12. GhostFace

    Oil help Please.

    Thanks CAMP, just the answer I was looking for, I apprieciate that you guys need to tell everyone how often and what oil you use but I only wanted an answer on this one, I wonder who makes Honda oil? Surly they dont have there own refinery? Cheers.
  13. GhostFace

    Oil help Please.

    Hi guys would any of you use this oil in your CRF, I can get it cheap but am not sure if its suitable. Fuchs TITAN XTR 10W/40 High Performance Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil. Cheers:ride:
  14. GhostFace

    ride till you die

    Good luck with the op, Ive also had alot of surgery during my life, what I do is when your on the operating table, just about to go under think about the best track youve ever ridden then dream about it lap after lap, sweet. God bless you and your family, stay strong.
  15. GhostFace

    03 crf450 blowing water out of radiator,(help)

    Id put my money on a head gasket, just done my mates one with exactly the same problems, sorted it out and not too bad a job either.