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  1. very interesting, hope nobody starts dinging their pipes in the first cone ten inches back cool article
  2. Yessssssss!!!! its gonna be good
  3. they go to the sand dune????? and whats a bisnus???? where do I get one of those "law sute"????? those sound cool spellcheck use it,it works when you have no education
  4. I dont think they sell the dirt bike gear here in the states for some reason ,I looked into it a few months back and couldnt find anything only in Europe.If you find any post it cause I want some too
  5. you can read all about twitch here he writes stuff (almost)everyday if you want to keep up with whats going on with him.
  6. nope he's out for x games
  7. three 2 strokes :yz 250 (mine) kx 60 & kx100 (my one kid) three 4 strokes : xr650l (mine) two minis (one mine,one community thrasher)
  8. ha ha ha ha how about a drunk guy on a 150cc quad? could be pretty entertaining
  9. on a crf230???? out of how many people?five? no just kidding good job (if its true)
  10. Never had any problems with rockymoutain,but i've had problems with motosport two times out of about twenty or so and they said it was only cause they were moving. But they sold me a clarke tank for a xr 600 swearing up and down it was for a xr 650l (and it wasnt) it took a while to get my money back from them and it cost me to ship it back to portland.And the other time it took them over a month to get me blue excel's for my yz. So i dont buy from them any longer.
  11. thats funny i hate poeple that try to tell you what to do to your bike or whats wrong with it when you post pics and to the dude that posted the pics, your doing great for being on the track that long,keep it up
  12. whooops, he'll figure out that balance point if he keeps trying like that. he was right there
  13. ever hear of a brake tap torax??? you do that to drop the front end so you can "down side the landing " and usually front wheel first i think its you that dosent know how to jump bud.lets ride if your ever in so cal and ill show ya some tricks and cure that "loop out louie"style you got going on when you jump bud :thumbsup:i bet your a stiff white knuckler holding on for dear life when you jump.j/k bud, but really i think maybe you need to watch some more races or something cause your post just sounds like you dont have a clue on what your talking about.think before you post so cal fmx is right on and torax i think your like that really gritty soap or is that borax?
  14. nice thanks for posting wish i was there
  15. thanks bud