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  1. Trail Rider 7

    Tampa bay riders

    Itvmax, is the pipeline now open for riding? I know they were talking about it but haven't heard anything.
  2. Try hooking it up to a reg table light with the bigest light bulb you have, see if its dim. If not bad wiring on the trailer.
  3. Trail Rider 7

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Today & tomorrow location is top secret
  4. Trail Rider 7

    What Year Is Your 450X?

    05 with 10 hours I need to find more time to ride.
  5. Trail Rider 7

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    I'll sign up tonight.
  6. Trail Rider 7

    What was your first quad?

    2004 foreman 400
  7. Trail Rider 7

    A Thread For Modifications & Pictures Of Your Honda

    Thanks, The Rincon has no problem turning the 14 inch tires. It is just perfect with this lift any more may be to much.
  8. Trail Rider 7

    Tampa bay riders

    Anybody around with a utility atv want to plan a ride?
  9. I'll go first, 2005 Honda Rincon 650, 2 inch lift, 27/11/14 inch tires on ITP aluminum rims, 3000 pound front winch.
  10. Trail Rider 7

    Croom 12/31/08

    Croom 12/31/08 ok short notice but I decided to take my son for a quad ride tomorrow. If anyone is going for a slow leisure ride let me know?
  11. Trail Rider 7

    FL Christmas-New Years Riding

    + 1 on that day and several other days of harassament, another time is when Ranger Sammy Davis Jr Popped out of the bushes. I think both of you were there for that one. Boy what a big mouth he had considering there was probably 25 of us.
  12. Trail Rider 7

    ?'s about buying a used bike in FL

    To bad Coplink is for LEO info only. on Coplink
  13. Trail Rider 7

    ?'s about buying a used bike in FL

    I have used this web site before when buying a bike. The bike VIN came up stolen so I reported it to the local police which seized the bike from the seller http://pas.fdle.state.fl.us/pas/item/displayVehicleSearch.a
  14. Trail Rider 7

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    Don you know the ride i go on is the two up:bonk: no need to hurry on the sign up.