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    powerstroke woes!

    I have been hand calculating my mileage, and when I an towing my trailer I blow through 26 gallons of $3/gallon diesel in 220 miles . That is compensating for my larger tires because by my odometer I am having to get more gas in there by the time it reads 200 miles . I also forgot to mention that I have also changed air and both fuel filters to try to improve the mileage with no luck. I really don't want a GMC but all the evidence seems to favor Duramax for the best towing mileage. The Dodge just looks to pretty for my liking although I do respect the Cummins. I think I will wait and see what kind of numbers the new 6.4 twin turbo PSD puts down when it comes out
  2. rocketpillow

    powerstroke woes!

    I have an 03 F250 6.0 PSD, AT, with 8" lift and 36" tires. I get 15 mpg hwy @ 75 mph unloaded and 8 mpg pulling a 10k# trailer. I always towed 70- 75 mph so I slowed one trip to 60 mph to try and get better mileage and that didn't make a lick of difference. I then put a DR. Performance predator towing module on it for more power and hopefully better mileage, I got alot more power but about a 1/2 mpg worse mileage. I have the latest update from the dealer on my computer and I run high air pressure in my tires, I am just totally disgusted with the mileage and I can't understand how the mileage can vary so much on these trucks. It pisses me off enough to call bullshit on these guys claiming 20+ and 14-15 towing with a 6.0 psd, lift and tires like myself. I have tried everything to get respectable mileage out of this diesel and can't seem to do it. I will also mention that before I got my lift and tires I was disappointed with 16 mpg highway unloaded @ 75-80 mph.