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  1. The exhaust was brand new and had just been dyno'd so I think its unlikely it was an issue with the packing
  2. The crankcases have cracked on my RMZ250 - 2004. I have the chance of a 2005 engine. Will the 05 engine fit straight into the bike as a direct replacement. i.e. will the engine fit straight into the frame and will all the bolt on parts the fit such as the exhaust, carb, wiring etc Also can anyone tell me what the differences are between the 2004 and 2005engines? I have heard that they fixed the crankcase weakness in the 2005 model, is this true?
  3. Can anyone recommend anyone in the South Of England who is an RMZ250 specialst. I have had numerous starting problems which were related to the jetting. Last week I checked and shimmed the valves on the intake side. At that time the decompressor was working fine. I took it out for a couple of hours today and after coming off it was impossible to start. I've checked and the decompressor arm is bent I now need to find someone who can get to the bottom of the problem.
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a 2 piece Boyesen water pump and impeller in the UK.
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a T-screw driver for adjusting the feul mixture screw on an RMZ-250. I realise I can do this using a the normal manner by slackening the retaining screws and twisting the carb to the side, however, I have a problem with starting and I really want to check the setting when the bike is running.
  6. I have an 04 RMZ250 and experienced the same problem during the summer. I stripped the bike, checked the valves, carb etc. I played about with the jets and the air screw but never managed to get it quite right. Now it's winter it starts 3rd kick from cold with the choke on. One it's warm it's fine. My on this my conclusion is a jetting / air mixture problem
  7. I had already checked the valves and sure enough one of the exhaust valves was on the tolerance limit. I reshimmed but that didn't solve the problem. Eventually turned the fuel screw in 1/2 turn on the carb to 1.3/4. This seemed to help starting. Will check it out at the weekend to see if the problem is now solved
  8. Sounds logical, I'll give it a bash
  9. OK, increased to a 42 and it didn't work. Any other suggestions?
  10. Do you have the full address of the web site where I can check for recalls. Also does anyone know where I stand regarding recalls if I am not the 1st owner.
  11. I had the head off around 4 hours ago. Will try upping the jetting as suggested to see if there is any improvement
  12. I have a low use 2004 RMZ250 which is a total bugger to start if it stops before it reaches full running temp. Once it has reach full temp it then seems to start ok. It used to start on the choke after the first couple of kicks, however, recently the problem has got worse where it will only start with the choke off and even then it can take quite a few kicks to get it going. I've stripped the carb as the hot start had stuck and there was a load of gunk in the float chamber. I stripped the jets out and blew the carb through with carb cleaner but it hasn't improved the situation. Does anyone have any suggestions?