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  1. I'm 5'7", 150 lbs. I have had my 230 for two years. It's a great bike for the trails. Plenty of power for anything other than racing. Stone cold reliable. Have dumped it many, many times. I haven't broken anything, and it's easy to pick back up. The button is wonderful. But I'm biased...
  2. Rog

    230 lights

    I put the Trick Dual Sport light kit on my '04 230F as part of making it street legal. Have used the kit for a year now. Never drained the battery. Works great. Also has a 'driving light' position that is about 1/2 brightness. Very good kit.
  3. Rog

    Top Speed Of A Crf230f ? ? ?

    I have a street plate on my 2004, and just for fun cranked 'er open the other day. 110kph is all she would do for me (150 lbs.). That's plenty enough to get me to the nearest trail...