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  1. The 606 is junk on anything but pavement. For mild trail riding about the least aggressive tire I'd consider would be an Mt-21, maybe a Shinko 244. Grant
  2. Air leak
  3. sputtery+poor MPG=extremely rich. Even a very rich bike will ride pretty smoothly, it takes true power robbing richness to make it run rough. A properly jetted bike should feel damn near electric with the possible exception of heavy throttle application from near idle. That is an area which you have to make some compromises between what is going to work at low RPM and what will work at high RPM. There is never a good reason to compromise on steady-state jetting. With the price of fuel in the UK a new needle and main jet will pay for themselves pretty quickly. -Grant
  4. My PAC NW riding experience would point me towards an mt43 if you can stand the trials tire handling. I haven't run them tubliss, but they loved the lowest pressure I was willing to go with a HD tube. Grant
  5. You are far, far to rich all over the place. You will need a leaner needle, smaller main jet and start from there. Something like an NCYR needle and 155 main would be a reasonable start. Grant
  6. You need a needle which is much leaner at low throttle such as an NCYR. The fringe benefit will be much better fuel mileage. Grant
  7. I went from an 'E tank to the IMS 2.6, that is the tank the bike should have come with. Far easier to get weight on the front end, feels less top heavy, you can sight the remaining fuel. Worth they money and then some. Grant
  8. I put a battery tender brand LiFePO in mine at the beginning of the season. Cheap, works perfectly and bolts right in. Grant
  9. There is a procedure to remove and if you do a search you will find it. Any leak in that system could be hard to detect. Gent
  10. Most fcr mileage issues are related to needle selection. A lot of folks run it very rich at low throttle openings. I'm getting 50mpg in town running hard with a BBK. Grant
  11. My first guess would be something amiss with the coast enrichment system if its still present. Grant
  12. Ditch the link for sure. Raise the forks and when you get tires focus on keeping the sizes on the smaller side (90/90 and 110/80). A second seat with little padding in the saddle area specifically for off road helps too. Any off road you do with dual sport tires is going to be mellow enough that flat footing isn't critical anyways. Grant
  13. The hot cams are biased more to low/mid range. A set of E cams is also quite nice. Grant
  14. It would be far better for the bike to go up to a 47-48 on the back. The 13 is really hard on the chain slider.
  15. If it was done with a lowering link your rear is now too soft for anyone but a 90# ballerina. I have a 30" inseam, the bike is fine stock for offroad. Grant