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  1. Hello fellow older guy My name is Bob Billen 69 years old- Golden Colo. I have everything done to my 09 but know I would like to lower it 1 inch. Wher can I find the the link you talked about? Thanks for you help....Bob
  2. Well guys age is not a factor,I am 69 and just traded in my 06 KLR650 for a 09 KLX250s and my 38 year old Son decided to sell his 06 Dakar and bought a 09 Klx250s also. It has been about three weeks now and I have just about all the hot mods done. Q4 FMF muffler, Dynojet 124 jet #3 notch on needle,3turns out on the mixture screw,13 tooth front sprocket,renthal RC high bars,Acerbis hand guards,removed air injection, bigger hole in crank breather pipe at airbox. removed snorkle,and a new powerbomb is on its way. The bike is now running so well,I am not sure I will ever do any more mods. I live in Golden Colorado and my son and ride from 6000ft to 10,000 ft and I think these bikes properly modified will do a great job for us. JUst need to find a good rack and an auxiliary gas tank to mount on the rack,any ideas...Bob Billen (POP)
  3. I just got a brand new 650 KLR today 3-16-06 Has not been ridden yet. My off road bike is a Honda XR400R 1996 vintage. Any suggestions on break in or things to watch for on the KLR ? Thanks .....Bob
  4. Hey George,Yes I still ride,or should I say I ride again. My Son Justin talked me back to the trails and I can not get enough of this off road riding now. I have an old 96 XR400R that I love. Hope we can make some dust together some time. I will try and stop by your shop soon. Good to here from you............Bob
  5. Hi George,dont know if you remember me,I ran Weaver Beatty Kawasaki for about 6 years that was back a long time ago 1970 till 1976 My name is Bob Billen. would like to hear from you...Bob