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  1. Drunken_Desperato

    CR125 or CR250

    I need some help deciding which bike to choose. This is my gonna be my first bike, i have little expierence on a cr125. I want a bike that i wont grow outta the power for a long time. I wanna get into freestyle also. What do you guys think>?
  2. Drunken_Desperato

    Good FMX video

    Sweeeeet vid
  3. Drunken_Desperato

    Yz125 Vs Yz250f Vs Kx250f

    Woulda 250 2 stroke be a little much? i mean honestly, im not scared of one, like i could take it slow until i got used to the power but yea, I'll alot more freestyle and just riding open trails more than racing, i dont think i'll get into racing now that i think about it. So would a 250 2 stroke be good for me? Im about 5'7 135 lbs
  4. Drunken_Desperato

    Yz125 Vs Yz250f Vs Kx250f

    Hey guys, heres the story, im lookin to buy a bike soon, my first bike, but i cant decide what i want yet. I most ride open trails, and tracks, and also i wanna get into hitting metal ramps so pretty much FMX, i was thinkin the 125 but i dont wanna get it and get bored fast, im kinda leanin towards to either of the 250Fs because i hear the have sweet bottom end and stuff so in your guys opinion what do you think my decision should be?