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  1. MJBruns

    Eddie I need some pics

    Hi Eddie, I need some pics if you have some handy of the honda air filter/air box into the DRZ SM, I had some and lost the computer files. Thanks, Mike Bruns
  2. MJBruns

    CRF 450R perf question

    Listening to his discription it feels lazy, and his sons have the same bikes and others he has ridden all feel the same, I have not ridden it but it sounds like that is the way they make power. Is that inherant or is there something we can change th make it respond down low better, even if he ends up giving up some peak power. On the faster more flowing tracks its not an issue, just the slower/tighter areas Thanks,Mike
  3. Hi Eddie, I have a good friend that has a 2006 all stock except the back fire screen removed, he is a 50 yr. old A rider in hare scrambles, med. speed B rider in MX, What can he do to improve the low to mid range perf. (the tighter hare scramble sections) are a problem, the upper end is fine for what he does, we are in central Fla. and he races year round. He is going to bring it to me in a few weeks Thanks, Mike Bruns
  4. Merry Christmas Eddie, thanks for all you do ! Mike Bruns
  5. MJBruns

    Flatland Radiator Brace or Unabiker?

    I can shoot a few pics sat., send me an e mail to Brunsmspts@aol.com
  6. MJBruns

    Flatland Radiator Brace or Unabiker?

    I have the Flatland on my SM, they fit well and so far have not tested them. although the rads might be the least of my problems when that happens. Mike Bruns
  7. MJBruns

    Sprocket for a SM

    I had sidewinder sprockets make a 36,38,40 tooth rear for my SM, the 38 works the best, mine is at just over 50 hp and it pulls like a train, It worked well with the stock engine and made the long days ride much better. the phone # is 630 513 1000, they advertise in most all dirt bike mags in the back small add section, they offer the tri metal sprockets and alot of that type of stuff, they were quick to build and reasonable, if your chain is in good shape the stock length will work with the 38, BTW I had them build the plain alum sprockets as they were cheaper. Mike Bruns
  8. MJBruns

    Lapping compound

    If you look even the factory manual says NOT to use it Mike Bruns
  9. MJBruns

    modding my drz400sm

    I have a full Ti Yosh system in the classified, that will wake it right up ! Mike Bruns
  10. MJBruns

    Red vs Blue Needle

    I have an SM and we start our mountain carving in Lumpkin County, the Police are "famous" for giving awards to those who worship the roads there Mike
  11. MJBruns

    Red vs Blue Needle

    Thanks Eddie, the red/4th clip helped alot, heve you found any other way to silence the yosh ti other than that latest insert ? that thing plays hell with the tuning. Mike
  12. Hi Eddie, I am going to the Ga. mountains next week and have installed the potato in the yosh ti system in order to stay out of jail, I have removed the screen and drilled many 8mm holes in the perf section to try to free it up a little, with the setup I have now 160 main,40 pj,blue needle 3rd clip,3/4 mix, it seems unhappy in the cruise range but WOT is very good, I dropped the needle one and it improved but in reading JD's notes the red needle may be a better choice in the 2nd clip with the temp/humidity in Fl.instead of the first clip of the blue, so I just need to clean up the lower middle, do you have any thoughts on this ? Hope all is well with you and yours, Mike Bruns
  13. MJBruns

    I hope that FCR ship from Japan is here!

    No problem, If any of you are down and need a loaner carb (stock 2006 SM) drop me an e mail Brunsmspts@aol.com Mike Bruns
  14. MJBruns

    I hope that FCR ship from Japan is here!

    Zcop, If you are interested in using my new stock carb you are welcome to do so, cover shipping and send it back when the FCR shows Mike Bruns Fla.
  15. MJBruns

    Where to get connectors like these....

    Try WurthUSA.com or 1 800 WurthUSA Mike Bruns JBRacing.com