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  1. wanskuck

    Gel seat/1" inch lower ?

    one of the ways the gel seat helps is getting you lower is because it's rounded off on top, the stock seat is squared off, so you need to spread your legs a lil wider to get around it
  2. it's been working fine for me
  3. wanskuck

    rating exhaust noise by 1,2,3,4......

    thats a good question, cuz for racing you can chop almost anything but the subframe, right? not only would you be saving weight overall, you would actually be losing high weight on the back of the bike, moving the center of gravity a little lower and forward...
  4. I like the idea of camo tires though, do they have them in field colors? i think a drz draped in camo would be hot
  5. wanskuck

    What every DR-Z wife should be like!!!!!!!!

    you think that was written by a man or a woman?
  6. wanskuck

    winter storage

    thanks a lot bronco
  7. wanskuck

    winter storage

    burned's got a link to his "how to winterize your bike" on the first page, now its 404 though
  8. wanskuck

    winter storage

    404 - not found i bookmarked it but now its gone, does anyone know where else i can find burneds post?
  9. wanskuck

    Graphics question

    but if you wait to pull them off later, won't the plastic fade except where the stickers are? not sure its a good idea....
  10. short lil article on the 05 sm dont sound all that pleased with it, its after a glowing article on ktms 950 sm then they mod it up a lil bit: quicksilver carb and motion pro throttle 440 cc wiseco piston and rings iron sleeve gasket set dutchman racing did the supersport valve job used an intake cam, carb intake pipe, and clamp from an offroad only drz also says they went with slip on yosh peaked it out at 37.8hp topend, got 5% increase in torque peace
  11. wanskuck

    Plastic Polish

    it says on the container that it is safe for all colors, its was also ok on the stickers it is a runny white liquid, looks like a runny lotion
  12. wanskuck

    Plastic Polish

    someone on here recommended mothers back to black i used it and liked it when my sister saw my bike, she said it looked brand new and asked how i did that (shes only 8)
  13. wanskuck

    mothers back to black...

    when i use it on my bike, do i have to keep it away from the decals?
  14. 05 drz sm, ready to install full rs3, got the sm specific dynojet kit, gonna pick up a kandn im at sea level what settings should i use, is there any more parts i should pick up anyone know of any links that go over this stuff? thanks
  15. wanskuck

    Black Plastic & Natural Tank

    just remember, with black the scuffs and scratches are really gonna show