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    Good beginner bike for wife...

    ahh damn, i'm a bonehead sometime, i just now noticed the thumpette forum. sorry all
  2. soulsedge

    Good beginner bike for wife...

    Awesome, already a supermoto of sorts. Thanks valerie...her height is all the concerned me in relation to these bikes.
  3. Greetings all. I had a question for you all, i used search function but found nothing about first bikes in relation to a wife starting off riding. Recently i just got back into riding(but on the street this time)...i've been riding since the age of 10 (28 now). Just bought a Ducati 996. After a few rides on the bike, the wife wants a bike of her own. She wants something for us to do together...sooo...i figured what the hell. But i got thinking, what if she doesn't like it? Well i figured, best bet would probably be to get her an on/off road bike of sorts. Or a street legal dirtbike. If she didn't like it, i'd have a dirt playtoy again. They are fairly cheap to maintain, and most importantly a lot cheaper to fix if you crash or tip it over. So i wanted to ask, which do you think is best for a brand spanking new beginner gal? She's about 5'7" 120lbs. Any recommendations? Something thats good in the dirt, but you could possibly conver to a supermoto street ripper(i dont know much about supermoto bikes or whats involved to convert them...but they look hella fun). And remember she has no previous experience...but i dont want the bike to be lacking in power, in case she gets use to it quickly, or doesn't want it. Thanks all =)