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  1. fixedbrian

    80/85cc MX bike with low-end?

    Thanks for all the advice. I bought a 2001 KX100. I got it for a decent price and it seems nice and "tight". I won't get to have a real ride on it until after Christmas when I give it to him :-( One final bit of advice - it has a full Pro Circuit exhaust system, but the original system was also supplied. I am guessing that the Pro Circuit will sacrifice a bit of bottom-end in favour of top-end so I plan to put the original back on until he gets used to it. Does anyone have experience with this bike and the stock pipe .vs. a Pro Circuit? Does it make much difference to the bottom-end power? Thanks, Brian
  2. fixedbrian

    Like my new fork tools?

    The Yamaha "Cap bolt ring wrench" that I plan to buy incorporates a rod holder... Regards, Brian
  3. fixedbrian

    Like my new fork tools?

    He made them for me as a favour - in his spare time. I'm pretty sure there are way too many hours in them to be worth buying. I asked him how much they would cost to make when he bought them over and I think he got up to about 6 hours and then we started talking about something else :-) He said that if he was to make them again it would be a fair bit quicker as he was not sure how the plastic would perform so he was very gentle with it. Work out (say) 4 hours in a big machine shop plus materials... If you really want a set let me know and I will ask him if he is interested and a price. Regards, Brian
  4. fixedbrian

    Like my new fork tools?

    I went to my local shop to order some Yamaha fork tools. They said there were none in the country and there would be a long wait. So, I had a described what I needed to a good friend of mine who just happens to be a fitter and turner (that's probably not his "real" title, but you get the idea). He admits he went a bit over the top, but I'm not complaining To open the top of my KYB twin chamber forks: To install fork seals: The tube is some really high-tech, strong, self lubricating plastic that was left over from a big job. The slide hammer is brass! Now all I have to buy is the tool for the big outer nut at the top. Almost makes me want my seals to start leaking so I can use them! Regards, Brian
  5. fixedbrian

    80/85cc MX bike with low-end?

    156cm (~5'1"), but just starting to grow...
  6. fixedbrian

    80/85cc MX bike with low-end?

    Thanks for all the replies. Yes, the CRF150R would probably be perfect, but still too much money for the amount of riding he does. The KX100 sounds great and I have even found one at a decent price close to home. Does anyone know if they can be converted to "small-wheel"? The only specs I can find say the wheels are 16 rear, 19 front which would probably still make it too big for him. I have a set of 14 rear, 17 front wheels in the back shed so I am hoping I can just buy some shorter spokes and re-lace the hubs to the smaller rims? Thanks, Brian
  7. My son has just about out grown his 1981 YZ80H and I'd like to get him something a bit newer :-) He learned on the YZ and is pretty much used to having to rev it to go anywhere, but it does not really suit the type of riding we do - mainly hilly, tight trails. Problem is, I can't stand the thought of getting him something like an XR100 etc. with no suspension. The ideal bike for him would probably be something like an XR100 motor in an CR80/85 frame, but we don't ride often enough for me to spend that much. So, I am looking for a '00-'05 80 or 85cc MX bike for him. I'd welcome any experience regarding low-end power in these bike. I know none of them have much, but I am pretty sure some are better than others. My understanding is that the CRs are the worst for low-end, but I don't really know. Is there any particular model/year I should keep away from? Is there any particular model/year I should look for? Thanks, Brian
  8. fixedbrian

    Lets See Your Pitbike/Playbike Pics

    Have a listen to the sound - it matches the video pretty well and sounds like and old JR80 should. I reckon that is "normal" speed.
  9. fixedbrian

    Gopher Dunes!

    Yeah, there is one of him on the ground - but it is the other side. Maybe it turned into a highside?? :-)
  10. fixedbrian

    Gopher Dunes!

    If he rode that out it goes down as the best cornering pic. I have ever seen
  11. fixedbrian

    Is motocross better without ricky and james

    How can you say he's got them? He is not racing because made a mistake while racing and he is now injured. Yes, he is very fast - but to win races (and titles) you need to stay on the bike. I suspect that there are quite a few others at the top end who could go just as fast as James, but they hold back a bit to stay on their bikes ("hold back" may be a bit strong, but they seem to have a better balance between speed and control) - and guess what, they are still in the race for the title and one of them will win it... I still think he is amazing, I'm just saying: 1. he is not in the same class as Ricky outdoors. 2. he is out of the title because he made a mistake - the rest have beaten him fair and square. Oh, and yes - I am enjoying it more now that Ricky and James are out. I know it does not make sense when I sit back and think about it but I just find that I just much more "involved" watching the closer races. Maybe if I was watching it at the track it would be different to watching it on television...
  12. fixedbrian

    Steel City Torrent??

    I'm starting to get worried that we might never get it. I have seen AMA MX torrents that look to come from two different people in the past and they both seem to have missed this one I'm in Australia - we got one round (I can't remember which) of this years AMA MX series about two months after it happened. We are now getting bits and pieces of the FIM series - Round 2 from Spain is on next week. What's that, nearly 5 months old
  13. fixedbrian

    Roost anybody?

    Not me, but a friend: And another. Not huge roost - but still a nice pic: A bit more: Wow, I've got more than I thought: And finally, the one I was looking for:
  14. I agree that that is nothing close to Yamaha (or anything Japanese!), but if I were Yamaha I would be worried about the PeeWee clones! http://www.zuma.com.au/MotorcyclesPY50.htm
  15. fixedbrian

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    If you want something free there is also Paint.NET. I use it for really basic stuff (because that's all I can do...) and it seems OK to me. I've read some good reviews about it as well.