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  1. mrfixitagn

    does this rack seem ok?

    Check out Tonn's Racing (http://tonnsracing.com) I bought a nice all aluminum tapered rack from them. It fits nice. Waiting on my new Wolfman tail bag to come next. Also if anyone is looking for a good bash plate they make a 1/4 incher that is pretty bullet proof. I am a user not an owner-I just like their products.
  2. mrfixitagn

    Rekluse install Questions????

    Thanks guys I assumed all plates were reused. it just didn't say. I thought maybe new clutch assembly was thicker taking up a few plates worth. I am leaving boss springs out, it only makes sense. Other wise how would you get your feeler gauges in. It said what other parts "would not be reused". Nothing on boss springs though. I guess it's one of those - assume your right guesses. Also, If you remember your install. What do you think of the 4 little mis-sized washers that are under the clutch spring studs. They seem to be able to off set them selfs at all different degrees. Seems like Rekluse could come up with something a little more tolerant (.001) then what they got.
  3. mrfixitagn

    Rekluse install Questions????

    It's Saturday and Rekluse is closed and I am in the middle of my install. There instructions say remove the clutch boss springs. It does not say whether they get re-installed or discarded. Also it says replace 5 of the stock steel drive plates with their plates. There are 7 total??? If you replace only 5 of the drive plates does that mean I discard a couple of the clutch friction plates? It doesn't say anything. Also does the lower bottom friction plate that is a different size from the rest get discarded if the boss springs do not get used? I am using their manual revision 082604 from 2002 from their website. I am questioning all this before lock up and test drive.
  4. mrfixitagn

    DRZ corbin issue

    I just went over a few issues on another thread about Corbin's. My biggest issue is if you look at the seat sideways you will see the Corbin seat slopes down hill towards the tank. When you are traveling down hill you have a tendency of inching forward into the tank. I find myself constantly pushing back on the bars or pinching the tank with my knees to prevent this. I think Corbin should take a closer look at their DRZ seat design. Another issue is the Corbin reduces your overall seat height somewhere from about 1 inch or more. Mrfixitagn
  5. mrfixitagn

    Seat recommendation - Dual Sport 300+ miles in a day

    I have used the stock seat. Bought a factory gel seat from eBay. Then went to a Corbin. I still can't find a happy medium. The factory gel is a joke. The Corbin is nice. They say it takes about 1500 miles to break in. ??? The problem with the Corbin is it slopes forward to much. When going down hill you slide into tank. After a long days riding you get tired of pushing yourself back all the time.
  6. mrfixitagn

    More Smog Removal Crap

    The previous owner of my bike thought he had a good idea by mounting the charcoal can up under the rear fender. The first big jump I took removed the can via the 140 knobby tire. Now I have nothing. I went to a local hardware store and bought a 1/4" barbed plastic CPVC fitting and connected the 2 rubber lines together. My problem is after I start the bike and ride down the street a mile or so the bike cuts out and dies leaving me on the side of the road. A couple rounds of easy start gets it going again. I originally thought I was out of gas. But after a couple times doing this I had to think harder as to what was going on. Thats when I realized that having the tank hooked up directly to the carb hose was allowing either fuel seepage or fumes to richen the carb and cause the engine to die after the engine came to temp. I disconnected the hoses and resolved the problem. Now your question regarding the carb hose side to be plugged or not. It originally breathed through the canister to get regular atmosphere air. It seems to me after my problems it should remain doing so. It may need to receive this extra dose of air to keep the fuel system from going to rich (less air). If doing so the breather tube needs to have a small filter attached to it. Or route it up to come off the Air filter can some way. But does this cause a vacuum now? As far as the fuel tank line goes it needs a one way valve to prevent the fuel system from sucking up dirt into the gas tank as fuel draws down. Having that hose down low by the swing arm is just sucking up major dirt into your tank. But also fuel pressure may always be exhausting down that line to prevent any back flow from happening. These are all theories. What does Burn think of this? He's the carb man. Side Note: When I bought my bike the previous owner gave me a Rekluse clutch to go with it. I have never installed it due to the stalling factor and not being able to bump start the bike. I was always afraid of being stranded some where. So I just bought a kick starter kit to finish the project for a $176 shipped to my door from Xtreme sports.
  7. mrfixitagn

    Will xt225 headlight fit on TTR225?

    Does any one know if a XT225 headlight/fairing system will adapt to a 04 TTR225? I need to know if the wiring for the TTR has been pre wired for the headlight/brake system to adapt. I know Yamaha sells an accessory headlight kit. But is that one of those kits where the light is on all the time and not switched?
  8. mrfixitagn

    Number Plate Bags??

    Best bag money can buy. Check out their dual sport bags. They have a small enduro style tank bag that's real cool. http://www.wolfmanluggage.com/
  9. mrfixitagn

    kuba link question

    I agree with the 225. I bought mt wife a TR225 she likes it. She used to ride a TR125, she liked it more. If the bike is light and the power is moderate, I think they will have more fun and abuse it a little more. A larger bike and they feel intimidated and go slower
  10. mrfixitagn

    Kickstarter kit and Rekluse clutch

    Great link-Thanks My question about where to get a kickstarter kit. Is this stock Suzuki or are there aftermarket companies. Does anyone have a junk motor with a kickstarter in it for sell. I'm sold on the idea- time to gather parts. Next stop Reklusekickstartville. Maybe a cam and a Keihen to! Now thats another thread-Keihin 39mm FCR MX vs. Edelbrock 40mm?
  11. mrfixitagn

    kuba link question

    I have a #2 which is lowering 1.25 ". I'm 6'-3" 200 lbs. A #3 is lowering 1.75 ". If the back goes down 1.75" the front needs to go down equally to prevent frame geometry setup changes The problem lies in your stock handle bars. They will allow you to raise the fork tubes in the clamps about 1/2". You now need to get the other 1.25". A set of Offset forward riser bar clamps will get you to where the fork tubes need to rise-but will this set-up work for your girl. The other factors that come into play are setting the race sag for your girl. Suzuki recommends 3.9" while Kouba recommends 3.25". this difference can be adjusted back to the fork tube riser height. It gets complicated. The best thing to do is call Norman Kouba at 1-208-939-3753and ask for his feedback. The last and other thing is does your girl really need to ride a 291 lb beast like the DRZ400s or are we talking E. try a 250. depending on her weight horsepower to weight ratio may be the same as you.
  12. I just bought another bike A 2003 DRZ400s. It has many mods on it already. It came with a brand new uninstalled Rekluse clutch in the box. My dilema is- I like what I have read about the Rekluse clutch for trail riding, all except one thing. Apparently if your battery dies, it is not possible to bump start your bike. Now what do you do? In comes the kickstarter kit. Is this worth installing and how much and from whom can I get a kit from? Does anyone else run this setup? what are your thoughts? This seems like a viscous circle. I'm 48-buy a bike with electric start (I know- girly bike, now you don't have to say it.) Put an auto clutch in it to go over logs, rocks, stumps and not stall. Put in a kick starter to acommadate the bump start issue. Now I'm a man again because I have a kickstart. Ya' know- a mid life crisis is just about the same thing. I think I'm starting to understand now. We're burning daylight-Let's ride
  13. mrfixitagn

    Blown motor, need help!

    In consideration of mechanical skill level (which only you know about), the necessary tools required for the job (all the fabricated tool stuff), And how much down time you want on your new ride (It's summer-time to make dust). Maybe a stock motor for now-and rebuild it during the winter? I watch a lot of the DRZ auctions on eBay for OEM and aftermarket parts. I have a whole list of stuff I watch for in "My Favorites" section. I typed in "Suzuki motor" at the home page. These are LTZ motors 2)400 1)440 hyped with cams and goodies (maybe just what your looking for). Check them out. suzuki ltz400 z400 kfx400 motor engine kawasaki dvx400 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/suzuki-ltz400-z400-kfx400-motor-engine-kawasaki-dvx400_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43972QQitemZ4567294118QQrdZ1 03 SUZUKI LTZ400 ATV ENGINE LTZ 400 MOTOR http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/03-SUZUKI-LTZ400-ATV-ENGINE-LTZ-400-MOTOR_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43977QQitemZ4568946925QQrdZ1 2003 suzuki z440 motor http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2003-suzuki-z440-motor_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ43967QQitemZ4569250516QQrdZ1
  14. mrfixitagn

    Blown motor, need help!

    The idea is use your resources to come up with a replacement. The thought of even trying to rebulid that motor would be totally out of my thoughts. If what damage we see right now is pretty horrific. What about the tranny, case casting journals, pumps every thing that moves in that motor. I for one would not put $1000- $2000 into that motor. There are nightmares waiting to be found at teardown time. Just my thoughts!
  15. mrfixitagn

    Blown motor, need help!

    Ebay-used head $198 "Buy it now" option. new exhaust valves. Let's ride-we're burning daylight! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/00-Suzuki-DRZ400-Cylinder-Head-DRZ400E-DRZ400S_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ10066QQitemZ4568338007QQrdZ1