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  1. Jessredriderquicksand

    can some one help me

    i aint depressed or anything im just wanting to a in memoryt of him thingy
  2. Jessredriderquicksand

    can some one help me

    hey sup um i was wondering if i send some one 4 pics of my friend kendan who races well used to race until today when he shot him self and kiled himself if some one could please add me on my msn and have me send u the pics and u can make a sig please Jessredrider@hotmail.com R.I.P KENDAN MATTINGLY #15
  3. Jessredriderquicksand

    hey can some one help me out

    hey wonding if some one could add me on there msn and i send u 4 pics of my friend kendn who races well raced who shot and killed him self today and u can make me a sig for him please someone Jessredrider@hotmail.com R.I.P. KENDAN MATTINGLY #15
  4. Jessredriderquicksand

    help with backflip !!!

    hey um yea im up here in alaska and i stuck on on my xr70 whn i owned it but the jump was liek a hipp thn u land up on it or go down but u couldant hurt ure self cause it was top soil landing but if u want to try it call me9078411765 ill hook u up on were to and stuff