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  1. I have had this bike for a few years and not realy used it much but have recently pulled it out to clean up and get running properly for my son...it has always had this problem as best described it doesn't idle when reved up a little it will drop to a fast idle but peter out and stop...I can make it idle by constaintly tweeking the throttle a little and if I turn up the throttle screw I can get a fast idle out of it but it is irratic and sounds awfull...I have had the carby to bits several times nothing seams to be blocked or otherwise I have shifted the main jet clip but alass no joy also played with mixture screw.I have also checked the timing and firmed up advance spings ,can someone help me ...PS this is a 1980 twin shock XR200
  2. coskerie

    xr 200 jet size

    what should the main jet size be on a 1980 xr200 ...has 29mm carb...cheers anyone?