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  1. RockyRoad

    Should I keep modding (for street worhyness) or sell?

    to a '07 Triumph Tiger 1050. The F650GS was a disapointment to me on rough dirt roads, just wasn't robust enough for those heavily rutted and rocky ones that were more for jeeps and ATVs but that I always seem to end up on when dual sporting, and on the paved roads it didn't have the power I was desiring for a street bike. The Tiger 1050 has plenty of power for me. Although it's on the tall and heavy side for a guy my height of 5'8" and weight of 180lbs, I'm very happy with it. Check out www.tiger1050.com for more info on the bike if you're interested. Unfortunately, I think even a used one might be out of your price range from what I understand from other posts of yours in this thread. There is a used one listed on that web site right now for $8K. I've been considering the DR for a replacement dual sport bike but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet. I'm afraid it won't have enough power for my liking. I was thinking the F800GS might be what I've been waiting for but from I understand the wait just got longer and it's not expected to be available not in the fall '08, but sometime in '09. I'll probably end up with a TE610. Only reason why I haven't gotten one so far is the nearest dealer is almost 300 miles away.
  2. RockyRoad

    Heart rate?

    176?!!!! I almost had a heart attack just looking at that number. Here, I'll do the math for you: 220-56=164 164*.8=131.2 that's your max. If you're in decent shape don't worry about going into the high 130s or 140s (I'm no doc but in my recent experience, at my age of forty something, my MHR is 148[i use a slightly different formula by the Harvard Med guys and it gives a higher max rate...I don't remember the formula] but I regularly go into the 150s during spin class and have been told that since I'm reasonably fit, been doing the spin class for about 6 months now, to not worry about going that high) Your min is 164*.65=106.6 or somewhere thereabouts. My personal advice, fwiw, would be to just take it easy for a week or two at around 110 then work your way up over several more weeks to the 130s.
  3. RockyRoad

    protien drinks and bars?

    I'm going to sound like a geek, but according to the BMI (I know, not everyone agrees with it, especially the exceptionally fit and strong who are 100%muscle and will never be within the index parameters) 145lb is about right for that height. It's what I'm shooting for and I'm not a midget . Ideally, you want to be around 22.5 on the BMI for the lowest incidence of diabetes, cancer, and all that other nasty stuff. Am I a doc? NO. I got that info from Eat, Drink and Be Healthy which is a Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating, and I've seen it referenced from other sources also.
  4. RockyRoad

    Low Heart Rate

    This is an interesting thread. When I first saw the initlal post I thought, ***, 160 is awefully high so I personally wouldn't be worried. The MHR range for my age is 122 to 148 so I never get near that, or so I thought. Today, during a 50 minute cycle class I used a wrist heart monitor. Much to my surprise I averaged in the 150s. The very last minute we did a sprint and I hit 166. My resting heart rate, like right when I get out of bed, is about 50, sometimes even in the high 40s.
  5. RockyRoad

    cardio before or after weight?

    Weight Watchers online for men.
  6. RockyRoad

    cardio before or after weight?

    I've been finding this out the hard way. This past July I joined a gym and enlisted the help of a trainer twice a week. The regimen from the beginning is to warm up on the elliptical for around 5min, stretch, resistence training of a muscle group pairing such as back/biceps, chest/triceps, shoulders/abs, legs/calves for 30min, then 45 min or more cardio; usually either the elleptical or a spin class. The 50 min spin class, much to my surprise, is intense and burns far more calories than 30min of resistence training. I was told up front that any weight loss was going to be more due to diet than exercise and was informed of the 80%diet/20% exercise rule. I was given a list of foods to stick to, the usual healthy basics of fruit,vegtables, whole wheat pasta, brown rice etc. I stuck to that for the first three months but wasn't real careful about the quantity I was eating and didn't weigh myself until that three months was up. When I did finally weigh myself I was dismayed to find I only lost 5 pounds. The next three months I tried to be more careful about portions sizes and I started weighing myself once a week but only dropped another 8 pounds. The holiday season didn't help. On New Years Day I started using an online service that helps me track how much I eat and correlates my exercise activity to that. The past few weeks I've been in the 1-2 pound loss per week range. Keeping track of everything I eat is actually pretty easy with this online program and it's in my face now the adverse affect snacking has on weight loss. I'm finally getting the type and size and main meals down but now it's the in between meal snacking that makes or breaks achieving a weight loss of 2 pounds per week. So the bottom line is: Exercise can definitely assist in the process and makes you healthier overall, but weight Loss happens when less calories are taken in than are required.
  7. RockyRoad

    Silly dillema for the MC endorsement test

    Take a basic MSF riding course. You use their bike and if you pass the riding test there, which you probably will, you just show DMV the certificate and you're done. Of course, the negative is it'll take a whole weekend for the course and it'll probably be too basic for you. On the other hand, don't harley shops have MSF related classes and also give the test in their parking lots? I thought someone I knew in Idaho did that but I might have misunderstood. If they do, maybe you can borrow one of their bikes.
  8. RockyRoad

    MCNews dual sport comparison

    I've never ridden either but have seriously considered both the new KLR and the DR as my next bike. I did get from the article that all the DR needs is improved suspension and seat and it would easily be the best 650 dual sport they tested. Wouldn't seem those are two things that would be all that difficult to get improved in the aftermarket. It's back to number one on my wish list.
  9. I just got the latest issue of MCNews. The front page article is a comparison of the DR650, BMW Xcountry, the XR650L, and the new KLR650. The KLR650 came out on top as the best overall adventure tourer, but the DR650 was a close second in almost every category. It's interesting that the XChallange wasn't included.
  10. RockyRoad

    $3500 for a stock barely used '01 XR400?

    Sounds like a screaming deal...only, it's too far away for me.
  11. RockyRoad

    $3500 for a stock barely used '01 XR400?

    It just might, but probably not from me. I've seen newer DRZ400s for less. I paid $3500 for my '02 XR250 as a left over in '04, when the CRFs first came out. This particular shop was also was selling '02 XR400s for $4K but they were gone by the time I got there. So that's $4K for new leftover three years ago. I doubt they've held their value that much.
  12. RockyRoad

    $3500 for a stock barely used '01 XR400?

    The KBB high retail is $2525. I didn't look at their trade-in value but it's usually about $1K less so trade-in is probably around $1525. I would tend to offer something halfway like $2K, so that guys price at $3500, according to KBB, is way high.
  13. Just saw an ad for such a bike. That guy seems to be at least $1K too high according to Kelly Blue Book. Would you pay $3500 for that bike? Even though it apparantly hasn't been used much, what's the condition of the orings and gaskets after sitting around for six years?
  14. RockyRoad

    XR400s sell too quick

    Thanks. Sounds like an awesome bike. I'll keep it in mind.
  15. RockyRoad

    XR400s sell too quick

    Thanks, I'll check it out.