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  1. Jaxon

    Show your PIG

  2. Jaxon

    Pics of your streetbikes

    Thats a nice looking house.The bike is cool too.Looks like an ad you see in magazines.
  3. I search classifieds a lot.Usually in the morning.And I due my best to get out and look before the rest.But I think I also get very lucky.I also found a 2003 125cc scooter for $600 with 31 miles on it.The guy laid it over (minor scratches) and was done with it.
  4. I want to show that good deals can still be found so here they are.The first is an 1983 XL600R I picked up for $900 last year.It had 4100 miles and looked showroom new.The second is a 1985 XR600 i bought today for $500.It also looks great and runs great, came with extra engine that runs lots of parts new and used and $3000 in receipts from upgrades and repair work done.I search in classifieds a lot as a hobby.So it goes to show if you get up early and get to em first you can be riding a nice bike or 2 for less than a grand. Now if I can olny find a deal on a Interceptor VF1000R I would be done.
  5. I wanted to show people that good deals can still be had.So here they are, the first is an 1983 XL600R I picked up last year for $900 bucks.It had 4100 miles on it then and was in show room condition. The second is a XR600 I bought today for $500 with extra engine that runs,lots of parts new and used,and $3000 in receipts of all work done, upgrades and repairs. Both run great and look great.Not bad for $1400.I search alot in classifieds and such.It does pay off if your the first to get to it.
  6. Jaxon

    XR600 with bad cough?!

    I was wondering if you have fix the problem with your bike and what it was. My 83 600 has developed the same kind of cough olny when its cold.
  7. Jaxon

    towing trailer with Xl600r ?

    Thank you for the good advice. Most trips would be on semi clean roads, mostly asphalt. I will update as project goes on. Thanks again
  8. Hello fellow thumpers, I have recently bought a Coleman caboose trailer in hopes of hitching it to my bike. Its weight is 158 lbs and is very tongue light. I was wondering if this has been done before with a dualsport. And if so if there is info on fabing a hitch setup for the bike. Any help would be great. Thanks